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AI In E-Commerce: How AI Powers Personalized Shopping

AI-In-E-Commerce-How-AI-Powers-Personalized-Shopping - PureLogics LLC
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Do you know what psychology says?

It says that people like personalized products because they foster a sense of connection. And when a person connects to something (a thing that was made for them), the brain’s gateway allows them to think positively about the source of the product (the brand name).

Providing a personalized shopping experience to buyers has always been a difficult task for brands and digital marketers.

A big thanks to the advancements in Artificial intelligence, personalized e-commerce is not a pipe fantasy anymore. Now, AI has made the e-commerce personalization process far easier than we could have imagined.

So, how does AI power personalized shopping? How will AI revolutionize the online shopping experience? Based on our experience in the AI and ML industry, three solutions come into our mind: retail search, personalized shopping experiences, and exceptional customer service.

No More Endless Scrolling: AI-Powered Ecommerce Search is Here

Research says that two-thirds of online buyers leave the site after one search and go to a competitor’s website if they don’t find the product they are in search of. So, it is clear that effective search is one of the important factors in the provision of a personalized shopping experience.

AI-Powered Ecommerce - PureLogics

Retailers were the first companies to adopt the amazing search technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They were among the first who used technologies like full-text search and learn-to-rank search to provide their buyers with the best online shopping experience possible.

Brands that are still using outdated technologies and forcing their users to search for only a particular set of terms are not doing justice to their businesses and consumers as well. 

AI has changed the way e-commerce works and now allows consumers to search for products with more natural language and more general terms.

Don’t force your buyers to search with only limited terms like ‘white shoes’ or ‘sleeveless shirts.’ You already know that your maximum users go for endless scrolling, and when they don’t find their products, they leave your site and go to a competitor’s website.

The powerful AI and machine learning algorithms provide you with a smooth and personalised shopping experience like no other. Now, your users can find their products with more speed and precision.

If your users only search with the keyword ‘sleeveless,’ AI-powered search technology will show highly relevant searches based on their previous search history and buying patterns. So, take advantage of AI-oriented e-commerce search and help your users say a permanent good-bye to frustrated scrolling.

How AI Reads the Minds of Customers

A few years ago, the word ‘personalized shopping experience’ was like a buzzword. The brands always tried to give their customers a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience, but they never succeeded in making it 100 percent possible.

You all have been experiencing that now anything you think in your mind comes in front of you in the form of ads in your mobiles. Are we right? Do you know how it happens?

It is the power of artificial intelligence that reads your mind and shows you the exact thing you want to see or look for. The algorithms of AI are so powerful that they analyze user preferences, user behavior, and user purchasing patterns in no time. So, now you can say that your brand can provide a 100% personalized shopping experience to customers.

Moreover, COVID-19 and then artificial intelligence have both completely transformed e-commerce for retailers as well as buyers. The expectations of online buyers are now higher than they were 3 years ago.

They are used to enjoying a highly personalized shopping experience on social media and expect the same from other stores. So, it’s important for online shops to build user profiles based on what customers are looking for and show them results that are relevant to them.

When a customer searches for a product, stores show a long list of items. Believe us, 70% of your customers don’t care about or aren’t impressed by your impressive product catalog. They just want to get the goods that are personalized for them and fit their search criteria.

So, start using AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) today. And provide your target audience with personalized search results, user-focused product recommendations, targeted marketing campaigns, and above all, a personalized shopping experience.

Exceptional Customer Service with AI

You would have been experienced chatbots when seeking online customer support. Online stores love them because they provide 24/7 customer service. 

Obviously, retailers will love them because now they don’t need to hire customer support representatives to answer back and resolve customer queries. Modern chatbots can perform the same work with more speed and efficiency.

A few years ago, chatbots and automatic customer support were buzzwords. But now, more and more companies are adding it to their systematic apparatus to provide their customers with non-stop and highly personalized customer support. 

Chatbots use the NLP technology of AI, which automatically analyzes customer inquiries, analyze the user profile, and responds back with a 100% accurate answer.

Whether customers need discounts or they need to submit a complaint, or want help in the buying process, chatbots help them quickly, and don’t get frustrated with the repeated questioning by the customers.

Moreover, customers can now visualize their products before purchasing them, a fantastic technological advancement in virtual and augmented reality. Also, the world is working on incorporating AI-driven logistics into supply chain management to improve the delivery process of products. 

So, Start Using the Power of AI Now Before It’s Too Late.

You can now see how helpful AI is for your e-commerce brands. In the next ten years, most of the activities in e-commerce will be automated by AI, and your competitors will be earning unprecedented ROIs. What will your revenue be at that time?

We at PureLogics have the brightest minds who have years of experience in generative AI services for e-commerce brands. Our strategists, marketers, developers, and creatives are specialized in personalized e-commerce. They know how to make a business a brand.

So, hurry up! Time is short. Avail free consultation call offer from PureLogics a specialized generative AI services company and talk to our experts about how our AI and machine learning services can help you grow like you should in this time of artificial intelligence.

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