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Educational Software Development Services

Break tradition with innovative educational software — powered by PureLogics. From classroom management to evaluation, every edtech software is just one click away: a click to connect us.

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Our Education Software Solutions Educational Excellence lies here!

e-Learning Software

Fabricate your edtech business with e-learning software solutions supplied by our best-vetted edtech developers—We ensure to keep you ahead in the education industry with e-learning software development.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

From content creation and course management to assessments and collaboration tools, everything is under your control when you have an LMS. So, welcome to an interactive digital learning experience with an LMS development company, PureLogics.

Student Engagement Platform

Say ‘goodbye’ to boring learning with our Student Engagement Platforms; ready to endeavor unconventional experiences. Our edtech software tends to facilitate students through multimedia, socialization, and personalization for better engagement.

Evaluation Tools

Do an evaluation of assessments and quizzes and share them with learners seamlessly with evaluation tools. For this purpose, edtech company PureLogics is your ultimate partner.

Mutual Coordination Tools

Without communication, knowledge acquisition is impossible. Get advantage of mutual collaboration tools such as screen sharing, video conferencing, audio calls, chatting, and recordings by partnering with us.

Need A Particular EdTech Software?

EdTech Services We Offer

Mobile App Development

Make education a linchpin with our mobile apps (iOS, Android, and cross-platform), built with a forward-thinking approach to ignite learning passion among students.

Platform Development

Activate custom learning platforms, such as LMS, student engagement, or evaluation platforms, with edTech company PureLogics and boost literacy rates in a jiff.

Cloud-based Systems

High-quality, agile, and effortless learning are not buzzwords for us — Our edtech developers strive hard to deliver worthwhile cloud learning solutions to customers.

IoT Development

Put soul into the learning experience with the synergized practice of IoT tools, such as whiteboards, multimedia-powered presentations, etc., by partnering with us.

UI/UX Designin

From a brand-new design to a design overhaul, our edTech designers specialize in creativity and furnishing your e-learning platforms to nail their performance.

Quality Assurance

Any bug has the potential to squash your educational channels. Let PureLogics make your e-learning solutions error-free so that you can transform your educational journey.

Technologies We Use

Why is Partnering with an EdTech Company, PureLogics, Crucial?

At PureLogics, we serve Education as a core value. To cater to the needs of each educational institute - Schools to Universities - for escalating learning experiences, our engineers help you launch innovative e-learning solutions. Check out the ‘WoW’ benefits that you’ll receive by joining hands with us:

EdTech Expertise

Whether you need an LMS or classroom management system, we have edTech expertise to accelerate your educational software performance.

Engineering Prowess

Our engineering talent covers each tech stack, including Flutter, React Native, Node.js, and React.js, to develop your dream e-learning platform.

Agile Processes

Following an agile process to accomplish your edTech software products is our hallmark — it releases each bottleneck to unlock magnetic performance.


Follow the path of irresistible scalability of your educational software at an outstanding pace by collaborating with our best-vetted edtech developers.

Security Standard

We at PureLogics adhere to the industry’s best foolproof security practices to protect your edTech organization from any threat or cybercrimes.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support staff is always up to keep you ahead in the game of e-learning solutions, with pre and post-maintenance support available 24/7.

Case Study

Voice of Our Satisfied Customer

PureLogics’ engineers have great skills, listen to your ideas, and provide unique edtech solutions while guiding you. They made digital learning possible in a game-changing way.
100% recommended!

Kevin Ashley,

Founder of MyAko

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Your Questions Unearthed

Let’s Explore Your Most Fidgeting Questions!

What is Edtech software?
In this digital transformation era, engaging learning opportunities for students through several resources, such as LMS development, mobile learning apps, and online classroom management tools, has been marking its optimistic effects. These resources are typically known as edtech software.
What are the key benefits of eLearning software development?
With e-learning software development, any edtech business could achieve the following benefits:

  • Effortless accessibility to education
  • Effective course content deliverables
  • Recording of lectures, when necessary
  • Enhanced interaction through multimedia
  • Cost-effectiveness
What technologies are used in developing e-learning solutions?
For e-learning solutions, the most used technologies are given below:

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Flutter
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Cloud Computing
  • Gamification
Why should you build an Edtech product?
Edtech products are trendy these days. Everyone prefers to learn online at the ease of home by utilizing interactive lectures/classes. Further, e-learning platforms accelerate the learning experience at lightning speed with several multimedia sources. Therefore, building an edtech platform is fruitful for your business.
How much does it cost to build an edtech app?
The cost of an edtech app (Android & iOS) depends upon several factors such as complexity, functions, number of courses, etc. If you want an exact cost, schedule a free consultation with our experts, e.g., LMS consulting services.

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