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5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Mobility App (Software)

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Mobility App (Software)
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Startups! The biggest challenge for them is the deficiency of acknowledgment.

They almost consume all of their capital investing in every single bookish strategy to keep moving towards so-called triumph, it includes sponsorship deals, paid marketing, creative advertisement, purchase deals, and online presence etc.

What do they get?

Leftovers…… left by big giant firms! Come on do you really need this?

It is a known fact, with the origin of ‘internet age’ and the increasing number of people who are looking for fast mediums to enhance their communication and connectivity you need a mobile app or a software to provide mobility to your users.

Certainly, for many it is still quite confusing to understand that why their startup needs mobile/mobility application, and yeah it is predictable. If you peek before ten years, not a single person was aware of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and modern smartphones but just in a decade they changed the global behavior of consumers.

It is astounding when you see the tech evolution in these ten years, and that is why it is possible some startups are still unaware of latest tech trends and evolution.

There are some who think that mobile apps are only recommended for big firms or brands.

Of course, they are thoroughly wrong about this concept. You can find more and more mid and small size businesses adopting the trend of mobile apps and understanding the right use of mobile apps to get effective marketing strategy.

We know you want to be ahead of other startups but if you won’t be following the latest tech trends like mobility or mobile app, you will be left behind in some corner. If you want to be ahead of the game by taking your marketing to the next level then get your own dedicated business mobile app.

Still hanging with the question, why anyone need to build a mobile app for their startup?

So, to clear your confusion and help you to understand the mobile app adaptation, this article will assist you to identify the five big reasons why investing in a mobile app can flourish your startup.

Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Mobile App

Interact with Customers

Mobile apps are designed to provide an opportunity for businesses so they can interact with users through the real-time environment while gathering knowledge related to their demographics and location. The effective mobile app can help you to generate a lead by engaging the user, which mostly transforms it into a paying user.

For instance a bank’s mobile app, which let the users deposit their funds into bank accounts by sending the photograph of the check. If they are short on cash then they do not have to ask around for the ATM, instead of, can search for the nearest bank by just simply using the mobile app. Some apps even allow the user to connect with customer care officer 24/7 through one click.

Build Relationships with Customers

According to experts, companies with mobile apps have more positive impact on customers than those who do not have any. A Business mobile app can help your business to unleash its visibility, which helps the businesses to build better relationships with their customers.

Aside from building relationships, a mobile app can also help you to drive sales for your featured products and services. For instance a store’s mobile app, which provides you the location information of your users, you can send a time-sensitive or lucky coupon to customers near the store to drive them in-store by providing incentives.

Increase ROI (Return on Investment) of Your Business

There must be a question stuck in your mind, can you afford to invest in a mobile app or not, but trust me you cannot afford not to have a mobile app for your business. According to different researchers, investing in mobile app is less than one percent of overall revenue of a business.

It still seems doubting for some companies to invest in the mobile app because they are still unaware of their real outcome, which leads it to brand enhancement and business credibility.

Same App, Multiple Platforms

Developing a mobile app first time for your business isn’t an easy task, but once it is done then you can use the same formatting, content, design etc. on multiple platforms.

You must have seen the single app working on different platforms such as iOS and Android. You can cover a wide range of users either they are using iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, tablet, Apple Watch or any related devices.

Expand Your Customer Base

According to 2014 Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile subscriptions will hit 9.3 billion in 2019 and from them 5.6 billion will be the smartphone users. This indicates that trend for traditional websites is getting over, mobile search and browsing is taking the place of them.

You can even see by yourself, the companies who do not have responsive mobile design website and mobile apps are becoming obsolete in the market. Those mobile apps which are integrated with social media can target younger market, a market which cannot be approached through other mediums.


I know, for sure!

Now, you know the actual benefits of investing in your business mobile app but the next question is how can you get a mobile app for your business?

There are two options available:

  • Hire an expert tech firm to develop a business mobile app, or hire your own in-house team. (To hire own in-house team, you should know few technical thing related to mobile app as well.)
  • Use one of the famous mobile apps builders such as BuildFire, Como, or AppsBuilder to develop your own mobile app without knowing any coding or technicalities. (You won’t be able to get 100% accuracy as you want for your business)

Whatever the option you are going to choose, always remember a mobile app is going to be a standard component for businesses in future. Your decision today is the foundation of your business, which is going to help you in future to stand out for competition. It is your own decision whether you want to be one of the first or not.

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