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Privacy & Security Policy


PureLogics is always concerned and dedicated to protecting the personal information and privacy of its clients and other users/visitors of this Platform. This privacy policy is to inform you how we use and protect your information, and it applies to everyone who uses our Platform. Kindly revisit this page from time to time, as we may review and make changes to it periodically. If you feel concerned or don’t agree with or accept any clause or the whole Privacy Policy, you should stop using the Platform immediately. If you continue using the Platform, it will automatically be considered as your consensus to our privacy policies. Moreover, if you continue using the Platform after revision on the Privacy Policy page, it will also be considered as your consensus to these changes, even if you haven’t reviewed these changes.

Collection of Information

At our Platform, we collect your personally identifiable information (PII) as well as non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII) from you. By personally identifiable information, we mean any information that can be used for your personal identification. Whereas, by non-personally identifiable information, we mean any information that is used in combination with any other information for your identification.

  • Personally Identifiable Information: Under personally identifiable information, we may require you to submit your name, email, contact number, date of birth, business details, and address to disseminate our services. We may also collect your payment or credit card information in case you pay via our Platform for any of our services. Moreover, we store and process your payment information through a third party.
  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Non-personally identifiable information includes your IP address, browsing history, location, area code, search history, patterns of the Platform usage, registration history, referring URL, browser, data transferred, operating system, Internet service provider, etc. Besides that, we may also store and collect your postings on our website, chat, and interaction history with us.

Right to Access, Edit, or Remove Your Information:

We allow you to access, edit and remove any information you have stored in your account formed on this Platform. You can edit the stored information whenever you need to change or remove something. However, you wouldn’t have the right to access, edit, or remove any information if your account got terminated due to any violation of our terms of conditions or other policies. You may also not be allowed to access or edit your information again if you end up canceling your account. In either of the cases, PureLogics holds the right to keep inaccessible copies of your PII and non-PII.

  • Permanent Removal: At PureLogics, we value and respect your privacy and want to ensure complete satisfaction for the users of our Platform. If you want us to permanently remove any of your personal information stored in our system, you can contact us anytime. While requesting for information removal, you should list the information you want to remove precisely without any changes from the stored information because our system might not be able to locate your information otherwise.However, there are two considerable things here: 1) Removal requests are not acted upon immediately. It takes us time to process the request and remove any information. 2) Sometimes, a single removal request is not enough to permanently remove all of your stored information. Your information may be stored at various places within our Platform, so you might have to submit multiple removal requests.
  • Information Disclosure to the Third Parties: We may take the services of a third party, including web hosts, etc., to disseminate our services to you adequately and to enable access to our Platform. To ensure the proper delivery of services, the third party might get access, use, and/or store your information. Therefore, it is essential that you should also grant permission to our third-party business service providers regarding your information handling. Note that those third-party individuals may be located in another state, country, or region where privacy laws may not be as strong or protective as yours. Agreeing to this agreement means that you are showing your consent to allow third-party individuals to access, use, and/or store your information, which we may hire, or contract in the course of our business for running the Platform. Moreover, you agree that we are not liable for any action of the third party that might offend or harm you. You agree that you will directly hold these third parties accountable for their actions without involving us.However, there are two considerable things here: 1) Removal requests are not acted upon immediately. It takes us time to process the request and remove any information. 2) Sometimes, a single removal request is not enough to permanently remove all of your stored information. Your information may be stored at various places within our Platform, so you might have to submit multiple removal requests.
  • Information Disclosure to Law Enforcement: We may have to disclose your information to law enforcement agencies if asked by a court in whatsoever capacity. We also hold the right to expose your information if we suspect you have violated any state law or our Privacy Policy, or our Terms of Use. Agreeing to this means that you also free us from any potential harm or damages that might occur due to our disclosure of your information due to the reasons mentioned earlier.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies to know the content you see, your preferences, your browsing, and our Platform usage patterns so that we can provide you with a better user experience and improve our services. We guarantee you that the use of cookies is solely to enhance your interaction with our Platform and to bring betterment to our Platform. Moreover, we also use cookies to remember your placed orders.

  • PureLogics takes full responsibility for the privacy of users of this Platform. 
  • That’s why we only collect cookies for our convenience and to optimize the user experience. 
  • We don’t sell these cookies to any third party.
  • All data managers or third-party service providers are in agreement with us regarding your information and privacy protection.
  • You have the option to restrict or block cookies set by our Platform by changing your browser settings.
  • Rejecting or blocking cookies may also limit your access to some portions of the PureLogics Digital Platform or may not give you an optimized user experience.

Compliance with Age Laws

Being responsible citizens, we comply with all the international and American laws regarding protecting children’s privacy. That’s why we have implied an age limitation of at least 16 or above for the usage of our Platform, and we don’t collect information about any underage person. Please don’t use this Platform if you are underage. If you still choose to continue our Platform, it means that you have no issue with our access and collection of your information. Moreover, you agree that you are allowing us to collect your information with your consent and that we are not committing a violation of any law.

Adequate Security Measures

We make sure to protect your information by any possible means. Therefore, we use strong security firewalls and SSL certificates to ensure the security of the Platform. However, considering the sensitive nature and widespread security threats on the internet, we offer no complete guarantee regarding the full security of your information. Using this Platform means that you agree to use it despite the possibility of any such unforeseen data security threat, and you may not hold us accountable for any unfortunate occurrence. In this regard, we recommend you use a firewall, anti-virus software, and other protective measures to ensure your security and avoid privacy threats.

Business Merger and Acquisition

In case PureLogics undergoes any major changes in its business structure in the form of merger, reorganization, acquisition, management change, or sale of shares, your information handling may also change during the transaction process. Agreeing to this agreement means that you also agree to transfer your information due to changes in the business. Moreover, you also agree that we are not responsible for any change in your privacy rights due to organizational changes.