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Software Quality Assurance Services

Make your cloud, web, and mobile applications unmatched, ready to launch in the market. Our full-stack engineering talent implements effective testing processes at each stage with top-of-the-line automation strategies.

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Empower Your Software with Our Quality Assurance Services

Automation Testing

Before validating your software, we do comprehensive automation testing with a combination of AI & ML workflows.

Manual Software Testing

We ensure software functionality by implementing structured manual test processes to resolve system variations.

Unit Testing

Each component of the software matters for the success of a business. Hence, we execute unit testing that keeps the software running without confronting any buy.

Compatibility Testing

Our testers run your product under different compatibility tests to make your product work in different computing environments.

Performance Testing

Understanding the importance of seamless user experience, our software quality assurance engineers conduct performance testing for optimal system performance.

Security Testing

Put vulnerabilities aside with our security testing services that eliminate risks and execute ethical hacking to boost your brand reputation with quality products.

Usability Testing

Offering a digestible user experience with a delightful user interface is a linchpin for every software. Therefore, we divinely do usability testing to attract billions of users.

Accessibility Testing

Our QA testing engineers perform accessibility testing to make your software release equally available for people with disabilities without leaving any intimidating impact.

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Top Software Types that We Test


We help you quadruple your business ROI by ensuring an irresistible user experience for your website for the users.

Mobile Apps

With complete bug testing, our engineers take full responsibility for your mobile app’s success by offering mobile application testing services to you.

Desktop Apps

Eliminate functionality bottlenecks of your desktop application by partnering with a QA testing services company, PureLogics.

Enterprise Software

Our QA engineers deliver flawless enterprise software by implementing time-tested QA methodologies and utilizing testing tools.

SaaS Software

Say ‘goodbye’ to any vulnerabilities or bugs, and safeguard your SaaS software through our credible QA testing services.

Cloud Software

As a part of an official AWS Partners Network, we test cloud applications or websites to make them super user-friendly and free from bugs.

Our Advanced SQA Process

Without Quality Assurance, a software product is dangerous to your business. Join hands with us to release your product imperfection as we follow extensive Software Quality Assurance phases:


  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Evaluation of Testing Requirements
  • Tool and Technology Selection

Planning Phase

  • Defining Scope and Resources
  • Preparing Test Cases
  • Tool Installation and Configuration

Execution Phase

  • Test Case Execution
  • Result Capturing
  • Bug Lifecycle Execution

Reporting Phase

  • Review & Analysis of Results
  • Summarizing All the Findings
  • Presenting the Test Results

Our Game-changing Testing Tools

Why PureLogics for Quality Assurance Services?

At PureLogics, we blend business and technology with perfection to keep your software ahead of the market competition excellently. Unlock your product potential with our following exemplary upsides.

Expert SQA Engineers

Our brazen QA talent has impeccable experience in ensuring the out-of-the-box performance of your software. You can rely on our SQA engineering talent if you want a fail-safe app, website, or any other software.

Holistic Approach

We implement a holistic approach from software architecture to its deployment by following the agile quality assurance processes. Through this practice, each software stays away from even a little sign of a bug/error.

Time-tested Testing Processes

Our SQA engineers team decides which testing process works effectively depending on the product. Our end-to-end testing processes ensure your software performance is top of the line in the market.

Correct Solution; Everytime

Software quality assurance is crucial, and we understand this fact. That’s why we implement a correct software testing solution, either manual or automated testing, for your software.

Genuine Security

Our promising perk is not compromising on software security for testing. We comprehensively test the software by keeping it ultra-secure and protected from any vulnerabilities/malware.

24/7 Customer Support

We don’t leave our customers alone in trouble. Our quality assurance engineers always offer support 24/7 to streamline software success by robustly resolving each bug or error during and after the deployment stage.

Case Study

Voice of Our Satisfied Customer

PureLogics helped us elevate the online shopping experience with Shopify Headless Commerce solutions. We acknowledge creative possibilities with this framework chosen by them. Our collaboration with their Hydrogen and Oxygen team was incredibly supportive throughout the project. Surely, we’ll work together again.

Guillermo Barragan,

Co-founder of Cobblers

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Your Questions Unearthed

Let’s Explore Your Most Fidgeting Questions!

What is the PureLogics Software Quality Assurance process?
At PureLogics, we accomplish the software quality assurance process in 4 phases:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Reporting

At every step of the software quality assurance process, PureLogics keeps the client in a loop and gives timely updates about our completed tasks.

How long does Software Quality Assurance take?
For software quality assurance, 1 or 2 weeks is typically required. However, it totally depends on your type of software. Contact us to get the exact timeline for your software testing.
One pro advantage of working with our QA testing engineers is that we can deliver your software after its quality assurance according to your desired deadline.
Can you perform SQA on custom software applications?
Yes, we have a dedicated team of QA engineers to test custom software applications. For this purpose, we develop a custom QA testing strategy with a quality roadmap. Then, we implement these techniques and ensure optimal software quality.
How do you ensure the security of software products during SQA?
Our SQA engineers are experienced and qualified in maintaining software security while testing. We have set standards to ensure software product security by following a few practices:

  • Engineers’ training
  • Policies and procedures
  • Threat modeling of code
  • Source code Review
  • Testing
Can PureLogics provide both manual and automated testing services?
Yes, we have dedicated teams to offer manual and automated testing services to businesses all around the globe. Having 18+ years of experience, our best-vetted and certified QA engineers have worked on 1200+ projects for software quality assurance and accomplished them successfully. Connect us if you want to grab QA automation or manual testing services.

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