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Employee Productivity & Adherence Management Software

PureLogics Productivity Suite (PLPS) equips your employees with the ultimate in productivity and adherence management program, as well as helps your PMs, HR, and Operations perform their duties in a smart, intelligent way.

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Use one software to keep your whole team focused on their goals

PureLogics Productivity Suite (also referred to as PLPS) is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use computer software that puts everything at the fingertips of your team members. And there is little to nothing that’s left manual for them in the workplace. Take a look at how PLPS can meet the needs of your employees working at different levels and departments:

Let your employees achieve their productivity goals

  • Remote check-in & check-out
  • View adherence for any date range
  • Keep tabs on your productivity goals
  • Generate all types of HR requests
  • See company announcements

Transform the way your HR personnel fulfill their roles

  • Manage employee requests & their data
  • Mark public holidays & make announcements
  • View employees time summary report
  • Promote and terminate employees
  • Track employee adherence reports

Make hassle-free team & project management a reality

  • View team engagement & active projects
  • See current status and adherence of your team
  • Manage and view team requests
  • View and export project activity report
  • Client upsell & upsell reports

Ensure all your operations & processes are streamlined

  • Teams creation and team details
  • Projects creation & allocation
  • Team requests management
  • Viewing and updating clients information
  • Churned clients & upsell reports

Have one place for controlling each functional area of your business

  • Visualization of the entire team
  • Managers time commitment report
  • Project activity and statistics
  • Free resources & productive hours report
  • Client stats & client reports
  • Access to HR & Ops panels

Why should you choose PLPS?

  • Overcome Scalability Issues
  • Mitigate Human Involvement
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Reduce Abuses and Loopholes
  • Reduce Clerical Work on the Part of HR, Operations, and Managers
  • Better Visibility & Reporting
  • Fair Policy & Measurable KPIs


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