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April 16 2024

Charting E-commerce Success: Shopify’s Omnichannel Insights for 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shopping isn’t just for online or offline anymore. Instead, e-commerce ecosystems are becoming highly complex. Now, there is social commerce, social media, and a number of other ways to search for products rather than just relying on digital or brick-and-mortar stores. That’s why experts have predicted that omnichannel will become more essential than ever in

April 2 2024

Six Generative AI Use Cases in EdTech

Reading Time: 3 minutes While educators debate the opportunities and risks of generative AI as a learning tool, few education technology enterprises use it to boost revenue and lower costs. Generative AI education has the power to revolutionize the education industry, shifting it from a system focused on storing facts to one that assists students in learning necessary skills

March 26 2024
Remote Developer

Remote Developers: Redefining the Tech Industry Landscape

Reading Time: 5 minutes The traditional software development approach, where all employees work from the same office, is one of many options available now. Remote development teams have become a preferable alternative for businesses with the rapid advancement in communication technology. You will get expert remote developers who can work together to develop projects without being in a single

March 18 2024
salesforce email

Top Salesforce Email Integrations You Need

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you looking for the best Salesforce email integrations for your business to engage customers productively and streamline processes for maximum efficiency? PureLogics’ quick guide has 7 relevant integrations that can help you find the right answer. TL; DR Requisite of Salesforce Email Integrations   Salesforce email integrations with different platforms and applications bring numerous benefits:

March 11 2024
Generative AI Use Cases

Six Generative AI Use Cases in Healthcare 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generative AI’s value in the healthcare sector in 2022 was an astonishing $1.06 billion worldwide. By 2032, this statistic is expected to shoot to an impressive $30.4 billion, showcasing the rapidly growing importance of GenAI in this industry. Based on a recent survey, about 72% of healthcare experts trust AI to enable administrative task automation,

March 4 2024
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration to AWS – An Exclusive Strategy Guide 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Understanding the convolutions of cloud migration to Amazon Web Services is essential for guiding enterprises toward success. The fundamental goal of a cloud transitioning strategy is to ensure an efficient and smooth transition to AWS cloud while boosting the advantages and lowering the risks. The methodology refers to a company’s systematic plan and approach when

February 26 2024

Top Practical Tips to Revolutionize Your Digital Transformation with AI/ML  

Reading Time: 5 minutes First, there was the ‘Need for Software’ In early 2011, the demand for software development started rising as enterprises became more familiar with the need to become software companies. That’s because if they wanted to compete with known and rapidly growing brands such as Amazon and acquire success in the future, then being digital is

February 19 2024
Outsourcing Website Development

Outsourcing Website Development Projects – 10 Reasons Why

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s not a question of whether you shouldn’t build an online front for your business in today’s marketplace. That’s because it has become a necessity. Website is vital for all industries because it attracts, educates, and engages consumers to promote your enterprise and drive more sales. Around 75% of customers use a brand’s website to

February 12 2024
Remote Developers

Efficiency and Flexibility: Why Remote Developers Are the Way Forward

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hiring remote developers to build software solutions is a trend that’s transforming how organizations hire. The trend will continue to rise because businesses can hire remote development teams to gain more efficiency and flexibility. Recent research has revealed that around 61.3% of enterprises find working in different time zones easier. Meanwhile, about 37.1% said it’s

February 6 2024

Startup to Enterprises: Why Salesforce CRM is a Must for Every Business

Reading Time: 8 minutes Digital-first practice is here to stay in every industry, and customer expectations are rising because of it. That’s why a quality CRM system is the need of the hour, and its importance only increases with time. Customers’ needs have changed and evolved with the advancement in technology. So, suppose businesses, regardless of whether they’re startups,