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June 10 2024
Cloud to AI

Moving from Cloud to AI: Top 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Development teams around the globe have started adopting the possibility and excitement of using the latest AI tools to build software. Popular coding assistants such as GitHub Copilot and generative models can accelerate development unprecedentedly, and developers are embracing these tools – irrespective of whether management has officially approved them. As your technology team considers

June 3 2024
AI integration

Transforming Your Product Strategy- 3 Principles for Promising AI Integration

Reading Time: 6 minutes When it comes to applying AI for businesses with products as their offering, expansion of the concept entails the fitting of AI in a potent, relatable and enduring manner. This guide will help you control the challenges we are experiencing in the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Technology always tends to flourish ahead of the ability

May 27 2024
SolidJS vs Svelte

SolidJS vs Svelte: A Comprehensive Comparison for Developers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Web development is continuously bringing new choices for front-end developers. It has made it difficult for them to choose among the available options.  Which framework are you employing? Is it React with a huge ecosystem? Or is it Vue, a lighter option? And what about plain JavaScript with some web components? There are diverse options

May 20 2024
ai in healthcare

How AI in Healthcare Takes the Industry Forward

Reading Time: 7 minutes Information has turned into an essential commodity in numerous sectors, particularly with the use of the World Wide Web and mobile devices. This data assists businesses to get to know their users, create plausible frameworks for progression, or deliver their services more effectively. Data is valuable in healthcare as they are primarily chosen and selected

May 14 2024
Test-driven Development

From Idea to Implementation: Test-driven Development with React

Reading Time: 8 minutes Writing test cases under TDD with React projects is often easy, particularly given Jest and Enzyme as testing tools. However, there are some specific factors that one needs to bear in mind. Here at PureLogics, our JavaScript expert developers go through the React TDD process and demonstrate it step by step, from the epics and

May 6 2024
salesforce big data

Can Salesforce & AI Fix Big Data’s Broken Dreams?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Big data was supposed to revolutionize things but fell short of its big promises. Now, with AI and new data platforms designed for the AI age, we might just crack the code and finally get the value out of all that data. Willard Brinton, an engineer and the pioneer in information visualization in 1914, carefully

April 29 2024
Six Generative AI Use Cases in PropTech

Six Generative AI Use Cases in PropTech 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Property technology is rapidly disrupting the old-school real estate journey, including buying, renting, searching, selling, and more. Artificial intelligence can offer enormous value for real estate, such as financial solutions, as organizations undergo organizational transformation. Generative AI and AI were ranked amidst the topmost technologies expected to substantially impact real estate in the coming years

April 22 2024
Invest in Our Planet: How Enterprises Can Use AWS Cloud to Build a Sustainable Future

Invest in Our Planet: How Enterprises Can Use AWS Cloud to Build a Sustainable Future

Reading Time: 6 minutes On this Earth Day, let’s discuss how you can use the AWS cloud to contribute to our planet and build a more sustainable transformation. Many experts believe that climate change is one of the most significant dilemmas of our time. Organizations should take responsible actions to minimize their environmental effects if climate change is causing more

April 16 2024

Charting E-commerce Success: Shopify’s Omnichannel Insights for 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shopping isn’t just for online or offline anymore. Instead, e-commerce ecosystems are becoming highly complex. Now, there is social commerce, social media, and a number of other ways to search for products rather than just relying on digital or brick-and-mortar stores. That’s why experts have predicted that omnichannel will become more essential than ever in

April 2 2024

Six Generative AI Use Cases in EdTech

Reading Time: 3 minutes While educators debate the opportunities and risks of generative AI as a learning tool, few education technology enterprises use it to boost revenue and lower costs. Generative AI education has the power to revolutionize the education industry, shifting it from a system focused on storing facts to one that assists students in learning necessary skills