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Tech Stacks

Stay ahead with a winning tech stack strategy. Our articles cover everything from development to deployment.

May 27 2024
SolidJS vs Svelte

SolidJS vs Svelte: A Comprehensive Comparison for Developers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Web development is continuously bringing new choices for front-end developers. It has made it difficult for them to choose among the available options.  Which framework are you employing? Is it React with a huge ecosystem? Or is it Vue, a lighter option? And what about plain JavaScript with some web components? There are diverse options

November 15 2023
python vs php for web

Making a Choice: Python vs PHP for Web Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes Did you notice that a battle of ‘Python vs PHP for web’ is going on in the field of web development? It seems that this battle won’t end soon.  But, in this never-ending battle, your mobile app or website should not be affected at any cost. Deciding between these two programming languages is actually difficult.

October 27 2023
.net vs c#

.NET vs C# Comparison: What You Must Know

Reading Time: 5 minutes The IT industry surprises us daily with new trends and technologies, but after the inception of artificial intelligence (AI), it has reactivated everyone who belongs to the IT industry in one way or another.  If you don’t stay updated about the latest tools and programming languages in the present era of AI, you will easily

January 4 2019

The Good And The Bad Of Javascript

Reading Time: 4 minutes JavaScript has been on the market for more than 20 years, and as per recent reports, it is the most popular programming language for website development, being used by about 10 million developers worldwide and currently being used by more than 94 percent of all websites. Programmers can build large-scale web applications through simplified processes

November 13 2018

Web Development Trends To Get Your Website Ready For 2019

Reading Time: 8 minutes 2018 is about to meet its end and this year, many advancements were made in the web development industry. Trends have been shifting drastically and change has become the only constant in website development. There is an ongoing rise and fall of technologies so in order to be on the winning side of the game,

October 1 2018

Best Programming Languages To Work In Machine Learning

Reading Time: 4 minutes These days, all the data science forums, Quora, Stack Overflow, and other Q&A sites are buzzing with one question: “Which programming language should I pick for my machine learning or deep learning project?” While there are many articles written to answer these questions, this post explains the pros and cons of different programming languages to

July 28 2017
Angularjs 2.0 – Your Enterprise Application Development Partner

AngularJS 2.0 – Your Enterprise Application Development Partner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Experiencing an overwhelming demand for mobile applications, firms are continuously striving to get their hands on the latest development technology in the marketplace. These technologies are being revamped to enhance the user-experience in every possible way. For enterprise application development, however, there is one choice cut above the rest; AngularJS. AngularJS made its debut back

July 5 2017
MEAN Stack Development: The Rising Buzz in the Programming World

MEAN Stack Development: The Rising Buzz in the Programming World

Reading Time: 3 minutes In recent years, there has been an explosion of new trends and discoveries in the field of information and technology, and these developments have led to an extremely vicious toe-to-toe competition between the IT driven businesses in the marketplace. A common term which has notoriously dug deep inroads in our lives for the last few

June 16 2017
The Most Sought-After Programming Languages In 2017

The Most Sought-After Programming Languages In 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the battle between the digital enterprises and the brick and mortar titans, one cannot simply understate the aid of technology and the role of computers in our life. Whether it is a government official or a medical entity, everyone is looking to make their lives easier with the help of computers and the software which runs

September 29 2016
Native Vs Hybrid Vs Web App

Native Vs Hybrid Vs Web App: Which One Suits You The Best

Reading Time: 2 minutes Being a software development organization, we often come across people who have an idea of a mobile app, the list of all the functionalities and the goals they want to achieve but the only thing they get confused about is whether to go for a native, hybrid or web app. Most of today’s mobile applications