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Prototype Development Services

We collaborate with our clients to build a shared, better understanding of their business goals in a practical, hands-on fashion.

See how we can help

Our workshop helps you with.

  • Put it All Together – Ideas are bleached bones of any project. Put them all together with our help.
  • Refine – Let’s get together to derive a workable solution out of your big business ideas.
  • Validate – Finalize the requirements, validate them, and get the technical team working on it
  • Visualize – Not ready yet? We can build a functional prototype to show you what exactly it would look like.

What to expect in a discovery workshop?

Sharing Your Vision, Let us know your

  • Idea
  • Objectives
  • Goals

Tell us what you want to achieve so we can share your vision and be on the same page.

Mapping the whole idea

We wish to put the scattered fragments of your imagination together so we can start development with unshaking confidence. Let’s get together to discover:

  • Workable possibilities
  • Structural specifications

Legacy integration

Are there any systems you are currently using and want them integrated with your new software? If yes then we can provide you a detailed insight of:

  • How it will work with the new software
  • Compatibility challenges (if any)
  • Workable solutions

Defining the scope

We will provide you the complete documentation of:

  • Technical specifications of solution based on your requirements
  • Challenges and alternative approaches
  • Time and resources required
  • A functional prototype


Budgeting is one of the trickiest aspects of a project. We can provide you estimates after requirements clarification but if you are facing challenges regarding budget, we can help you:

  • Limit the scope to the most important parts
  • Split the project in multiple phases

We provide complete technical listing along with price against each unit. The deliverables are very well-defined and we make sure to leave no ambiguity leading to hidden costs.

Building A Prototype

Taking You From “As-Is” State To Your “To-Be” State. It Takes Us 2 Weeks To Turn Your Imagination Into A Breathing Reality.



The conceptualization of your project is the pilot task that decides the course of development. We make sure that all ambiguities are sorted out in this stage. The task includes following activities:

  • Introduction with your on-site development team
  • Introduction with the users
  • Learning behavior insights of the existing users
  • Learning the competitive edges of the solution
  • Building user profiles

Creating Functional Prototype

The prototype will consist of functional visuals of your project so you can have a clear idea of what exactly your project will look like. The activities include:

  • Building visuals and wireframes
  • Evaluation of prototype
  • Determining the missing fragments
  • Cleaning up the unnecessary mess
  • Finalizing the prototype

The Final Game Plan

Report And Presentation

We deliver the detailed report to our clients and stakeholders

Choose Resources

We deliver the detailed report to our clients and stakeholders


Get On The Same Page

Agree on the requirements and prototype


Know Milestones

Get to know the milestones and focus on achieving them


Define Budget

Get a well-defined unit cost of your project


Deliver On Time

The final of providing all deliverables to the client

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