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Amazon Web Services

Release hell-hectic of poor infrastructure with the scalable and manageable AWS cloud solutions our certified AWS engineers offer.

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Innovate Your Business with Our AWS Offerings

As a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Partner Network (APN), we assist businesses like YOU in building, automating, and managing their operations in the cloud. Check out our main offerings under the AWS Cloud cap.

AWS Consulting

Our AWS consultants take a detailed overview of your business (Enterprise or Start-up) and endeavor AWS cloud consulting, including selecting the right tools, technologies, cloud setup, cost, etc. 

Data Migration

Tangled with incompetent and inefficient business operations? Transform your business with us by migrating your current solution to the AWS cloud with better auto-scaling options, fault-tolerant support, and quick deployment.


Whether you have web-based applications or enterprise-level platforms, our AWS professional services let your solution stay ahead of the competition. Our AWS engineers have 18+ years of experience developing on AWS with the best practices that make each product exceptional.

AWS Infrastructure

Empower your business with high-level security, connectivity, and storage capacity through a highly functional AWS environment created by our engineering talent. We have hands-on experience in simplifying provisioning and managing infrastructure.

AWS Integrations

Decouple applications with AWS have become easier than ever through AWS integrations. From data transmission to hurdle-free communication, we integrate powerful AWS tools to accelerate the performance of your applications.

Disaster Recovery

We assist businesses in disaster recovery caused by technical failure or human errors. Connect with our AWS development experts, who strategize time-tested approaches to set up disaster recovery with zero downtime.

Cloud Application Development

Elevate your enterprise success with our AWS cloud application development services. We invite AWS to take on operational overhead that systematically reduces app management and swiftly integrates innovation into your cloud app. 

Scaled Engineering

You can achieve highly scalable business solutions with our AWS rapid application development services. We build cloud-native AWS solutions that eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate your business progress. 

Amazon Alexa

Imagine a new world with endless possibilities with our Amazon Alexa services. We assist you in maximizing your business productivity with Amazon Alexa; you can set up Alexa with any compatible device within 2 minutes.

Amazon Lex

Want to grab the conversational interface of your apps? We develop fully managed chatbots (voice or text) powered by Natural Language Units (NLU) + Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

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Our AWS Solutions for Your Business

We at PureLogics strive to build applications to help you excel in your industry. Our AWS cloud consulting team and engineers carefully analyze your business requirements and develop customer-centric AWS solutions aligned to your goals.

SaaS Applications

Take your business to the next level with our SaaS application development services. By hosting SaaS apps on AWS, we ensure streamlining fundamental business operations seamlessly.

HIPAA Compliant Apps

We know HIPPA Compliance is indispensable for healthcare organizations. Our AWS app development team develops applications hosted on AWS for the healthcare domain that are HIPPA compliant. Every phase is wrapped with a highly protectable layer from data processing to storage.

Machine Learning

Take advantage of our purpose-built AWS ML models that confidently innovate your business. We augment human performance by building better applications on AWS with the foundational power of Machine Learning.

Enterprise Applications

With top-of-the-line AWS cloud services, our AWS development company stands tall in the market, providing highly reliable enterprise-level applications. Without compromising on app usability, we deliver stellar enterprise solutions.

Why Our AWS Development Services?

PureLogics comprises the best-vetted team of AWS engineers that effectively execute business operations with AWS—Partner with us to streamline your successful cloud journey with our competitive perks.

Unmatched AWS consultants

Our AWS consultants offer valuable AWS consulting in which we discuss details regarding what AWS services or solutions will work best for your organization, whether you’re a start-up, enterprise, or medium-sized business owner.

Certified AWS solution architects and developers

Having a best-vetted team of AWS engineers, we have a knack for prowess in AWS development that leads you toward the path of massive success in the world of cloud applications.

Best-in-class DevOps engineers

You’ll experience exceptional operational excellence in your product deliverables from development to deployment by partnering with us, a Certified AWS Partner.

Stress-free AWS Implementations

Whether you are tackling complex operation systems or databases, our AWS consultants and developers join hands and do a suitable AWS implementation for your businesses.

Scalable and high-performer applications

Our AWS professional services deliver scalable mobile and web applications with complete customization to each business according to their requirements.

Robust time-to-market

With our AWS applications development, you’ll never face a single hurdle to market your business—our designed computing infrastructure endeavors a green signal to your product marketing practices.

Reliable and secure

Yield a secure virtual backbone for your physical, software, and operational infrastructural measures with AWS—Stand out from the competition with an AWS partner, PureLogics.

Cost-effective solutions

We bestow our customers with cost-effective AWS solutions depending on their business complexity. Choosing the suitable AWS pricing model is our significant hallmark in saving your hard-earned dollars.

Case Study

Voice of Our Satisfied Customer

PureLogics immediately aligned with our vision and offered a Salesforce solution to help us build an edTech platform. Their salesforce developers exhibit high levels of professionalism and an exceptional command of technical aspects, a unique combination rarely encountered in the industry.

Meni Sarris,

Founder of Redge University

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Your Questions Unearthed

Let’s Explore Your Most Fidgeting Questions!

What is an AWS Consulting Partner?
AWS Consulting Partner is a trusted team of cloud strategists with technical prowess. They modernize your business models with the right agile AWS solution or infrastructure to ensure customer success.
What makes AWS different from other clouds?
AWS has been one of the largest cloud service providers in the world since 2006. It offers stress-free 200+ fully-featured cloud services to businesses for fast innovation. Its pricing models make it a cost-effective solution in a highly secure cloud environment.
What is AWS used for?
AWS is a scalable cloud computing platform that hosts diverse applications on the cloud. Whether you need a HIPPA-compliant app or want to migrate your current infrastructure to efficient cloud space, AWS is the ultimate choice.
What are AWS Consulting Services?
AWS Consulting Services assist businesses (Enterprises, medium-sized, and startups) in endeavoring secure and scalable cloud architecture. AWS consultants are veterans to select suitable AWS tools and services for your business.
How can PureLogics help my business with AWS?
PureLogics is an AWS consulting partner with diverse expertise to accelerate your business and leapfrog your competitors. Providing various services, such as AWS Consulting, Data Migrations, and DevOps, we specialize in assuring your customer success by making your applications exceptional.

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