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Stay informed about the latest advancements in healthcare. From medical breakthroughs to wellness advice, explore a world of better living.

October 31 2023
What is Surescripts? Everything You Need to Know About It

What is Surescripts? Everything You Need to Know About It

Reading Time: 4 minutes We live in a world where everything is online, and data has become a precious asset. As technology evolves, data and communication have become the backbone of our modern digital world. However, there are a few industries that have been consistently facing online communication issues.  And unfortunately, healthcare is one of those susceptible industries. Patient

October 30 2023
mHealth App Development

mHealth App Development: Types, Benefits & Challenges

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you provide healthcare services and really want to stand out in the competition? Here is the world’s easiest way to do just that. By 2025, the MedicApp market is estimated to have revenue of 111.1 USD billion. If you want to get a bit of this cherry, keep reading this blog post. You know

October 10 2023
Drummond Certification

What is Drummond Certification? Everything You Need to Know About It

Reading Time: 4 minutes The landscape of healthcare IT is so competitive that if you don’t stay updated, someone else will outrank you in no time. So, with no doubts, staying ahead in the competition is not only an option but the need of the hour. Healthcare processes have become highly digitized, and ensuring the reliability, interoperability, and security

September 27 2023

What is FHIR? Why it is Important for Healthcare

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re someone who provides dedicated healthcare services in the U.S.A., you would have known that the United States wastes $1+ trillion annually of healthcare spending on administration and related inefficient processes. This is a shocking number, which shows that the U.S. healthcare industry has such a big loophole. But we have a solution to

September 18 2023
Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends 2023

Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2023: Key Innovations

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you belong to the healthcare industry, do follow the top healthcare technology trends to stay ahead of the game. Patients are tech-savvy today, and your healthcare business can’t survive if you keep practicing traditional healthcare processes. You will have heard this many times in your life: modern problems require modern solutions. From the healthcare

September 15 2023
AI in Clinical Trials

How Healthcare is using AI in Clinical Trials

Reading Time: 6 minutes We can’t accept anymore that it will always be expensive and slow to test new drugs. It is because our world now has AI technology, which holds the potential to bury all the traditional clinical trials processes of the past. Whether it is patient recruitment, adherence monitoring, or data collection, AI has the power to

September 12 2023
Why Your Healthcare Business Needs HL7 Integration - PureLogics LLC

Why Your Healthcare Business Needs HL7 Integration

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re in the Healthcare industry, you’ve surely come across the term ‘HL7 integration.’ You know that healthcare is one of those industries in the world that evolves on a daily basis. Therefore, different standards came into being for the safe and secure exchange of patient data between healthcare providers. HL7 (or Health Level 7)

August 31 2023
How Healthcare App Development Can Empower The Healthcare Industry - PureLogics LLC

How Healthcare App Development Empowers The Healthcare Industry

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you know that 3 out of 5 people have a healthcare app on their mobile phones and they use it on a regular basis? Healthcare applications don’t only monitor diseases but also offer a large number of benefits in our daily lives. Many of you already know that there are thousands of healthcare mobile

August 18 2023
Future of Healthcare – Medical Coding with AI - PureLogics LLC

Future of Healthcare – Medical Coding with AI

Reading Time: 4 minutes You will find it shocking that the US healthcare system1 loses an estimated $125 billion annually as a result of medical billing errors. It is a reason medical coding with AI has started gaining popularity in the global healthcare industry. AI technologies not only automate and streamline the medical coding process but also enhance efficiency,

August 11 2023
Top 10 Best Vector Databases for AI - PureLogics LLC

What is a Vector Database? Top 10 Best Vector Databases for AI

Reading Time: 5 minutes These shocking numbers will surprise you for sure! The volume of digital data will reach a staggering 175 zettabytes by the mid of 2025. The data in our digital universe is expanding at an unprecedented rate. How will industries manage their massive data? Do they have the required technology to use this massive volume of