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What is Surescripts? Everything You Need to Know About It

What is Surescripts? Everything You Need to Know About It
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We live in a world where everything is online, and data has become a precious asset. As technology evolves, data and communication have become the backbone of our modern digital world. However, there are a few industries that have been consistently facing online communication issues. 

And unfortunately, healthcare is one of those susceptible industries. Patient information is crucial, but the industry’s communication sources make it highly sensitive.

Imagine that a patient needs immediate medical attention but can’t contact a physician to provide their medical history or prescription information. Many of your contacts would have, unfortunately, experienced this.

Well, we have good news for you. Surescripts is a solution that ensures a safe and secure exchange of patient information. Leading healthcare firms have already started reaping the extraordinary benefits of surescripts.

Now, it’s your turn.

If you don’t know about surescripts, keep reading this comprehensive guide. Here, you will learn what surescript is, how it works, its certification process, its features and benefits, and everything you need to know about surescripts.

Let’s get started!

What is Surescripts?

Surescripts is not just another tech buzzword. It is a lifeline for the healthcare industry. Surescripts is a health information network that facilitates a safe and secure exchange of patient information between stakeholders such as doctors, pharmacies, and patients themselves. This digital highway ensures that patient information flows seamlessly and improves the quality of healthcare services.

How Does Surescripts Work?

If you really want to understand surescripts, you will have to know the inner workings of surescript.  Surecript promotes efficient communication between healthcare providers and pharmacies by using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Prescriptions (e-prescriptions).

When any patient visits a hospital or clinic, the relevant information, like medical history, diagnosis, and prescriptions, is documented electronically through EHRs. 

Surescript then acts as the messenger and securely transmits this data to the pharmacists. This means there will be no more illegible handwritten prescriptions, no more lost medical records, and no more frustrating patient delays.

What is Surescripts Certification?

In healthcare technology, surescript certification is the golden stamp of approval. Surescripts certification ensures that your healthcare service or pharmacy meets the necessary standards. It builds trust among users that their data gets exchanged safely and effectively among stakeholders. 

So, if you run a healthcare business, become surescript certified. Your commitment to the highest data security and privacy standards will serve as a foundation of trust among patients. 

Top Features and Benefits of Surescripts

Following are some of the most compelling features and benefits of surescripts:

Benefits of surescripts

Streamlined e-prescription: Surescripts makes the prescription process easy. It reduces the chances of errors and speeds up the dispensing of medications.

High-quality patient safety: With instant access to accurate patient information, healthcare providers will make well-executed and well-educated decisions. It will decrease the chances of medication errors and improve patient safety.

Interoperability: Surescripts promotes interoperability as it allows different healthcare systems to communicate seamlessly and efficiently. It makes sure that patient information is available where and when it’s needed.

Less administrative tasks: With surescripts, say goodbye to the paperwork pile-up. Surescript automates a lot of administrative tasks and allows healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters – patient care.

Budget-friendly: Surescripts eliminates redundant tests and improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery. It helps healthcare businesses save costs in the long run, which benefits both providers and patients.

Impact of Surescripts

Surescript has already revolutionized the healthcare industry a lot. Well, let’s consider these impressive facts and figures; you will be amazed to know for sure.

Error reduction: Surescript minimizes medication errors by up to 62%. It protects patients from potentially life-threatening medical mistakes.

Time savings: Thanks to the e-prescription and information retrieval process, Suresctipts helps healthcare service providers save an average of over an hour a day. 

Cost efficiency: According to international reports, Surescripts saves the healthcare system billions of dollars as it helps patients get rid of unnecessary tests, errors, and administrative costs.

Patient satisfaction: Faster access to medication and accurate information improves patient satisfaction and trust in healthcare services.

Future of Surescripts

So, what is the future of Surescripts? Look at some promising developments on the horizon:

Enhanced Interoperability 

Surescripts is expected to have even greater interoperability with various EHR systems. It makes sure that your patient information accurately and efficiently moves among stakeholders.

Telemedicine Integration 

Surescripts is also expected to play a leading role in the telemedicine field. It ensures that remote healthcare providers can access patients’ medical histories and prescriptions.

Precision Medicine 

When it comes to precision medicine, Surescripts supports this growing healthcare field. Surescripts provides a wealth of patient data for research and personalized patient treatment options.

Precision Medicine 

Patient Empowerment 

With Surescripts, patients will have more control over their health information in the future. They will have a complete knowledge of where and for what purposes their data will be used.

How do I Connect to Surescripts?

First, delete it from your mind that Surescripts is difficult. It is not as complex as you might think. It is quite easy to integrate your healthcare business with surescripts. 

The leading custom software companies in the U.S., like PureLogics, can help you in this entire process. They have been working in the healthcare industry for more than 17 years and know what exactly the process of surescripts certification is.

Today’s patients are exceptionally tech-friendly and choose the only healthcare firm where patient safety, accuracy, and efficiency are never compromised at all. So, as a healthcare business, ensure that you’re at the forefront of this surescript revolution. 

Feel free to get in touch with us. We together will build a safer, more efficient, and more patient-centric healthcare future.

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