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Quality Assurance

Elevate your understanding of Quality Assurance with our insightful blog posts. Discover industry best practices, tips, and the latest trends.

December 18 2023
QA Analyst vs QA Engineer

QA Analyst vs. QA Engineer: Responsibilities and Skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you curious about jobs in quality assurance and want to know the difference between QA analysts and QA engineers? It is a common puzzle in the world of technology. Search engines are overloaded with the query of QA analyst vs QA engineer. Many people think that both jobs are mixed up, and that’s okay.

December 15 2023
Functional Testing vs Unit Testing

Functional Testing vs Unit Testing: Making Informed QA Decisions

Reading Time: 6 minutes The ultimate goal of software testing is to provide the highest-quality software application. In software development, two types of testing are considered as the basis of the testing process and these two types are unit testing and functional testing. First, you need to understand that ‘functional testing vs unit testing’ doesn’t suggest a preference between

November 22 2023
test plan vs test strategy

Test Plan vs Test Strategy: Key Differences Between Them

Reading Time: 6 minutes Test Plan and Test Strategy are the terms that have significant importance in software testing. Both are important parts of the QA process. But they are often thrown around, misinterpreted, and used interchangeably. Both terms have different scopes, goals, and content. So, we thought to throw light on ‘test plan vs test strategy’ and explain

November 6 2023
Best Security Practices for Secure Software Development

Best Security Practices for Secure Software Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cybersecurity must be at the forefront of all of your development projects because security risks are everywhere in today’s world. Whether it is an individual, any company, or the government, security has become a major concern for everyone. So, it is essential to ensure the best security practices for secure software development. The latest reports