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Generative AI

April 2 2024

Six Generative AI Use Cases in EdTech

Reading Time: 3 minutes While educators debate the opportunities and risks of generative AI as a learning tool, few education technology enterprises use it to boost revenue and lower costs. Generative AI education has the power to revolutionize the education industry, shifting it from a system focused on storing facts to one that assists students in learning necessary skills

March 11 2024
Generative AI Use Cases

Six Generative AI Use Cases in Healthcare 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generative AI’s value in the healthcare sector in 2022 was an astonishing $1.06 billion worldwide. By 2032, this statistic is expected to shoot to an impressive $30.4 billion, showcasing the rapidly growing importance of GenAI in this industry. Based on a recent survey, about 72% of healthcare experts trust AI to enable administrative task automation,

January 29 2024
Generative ai

A Dynamic Duo: Generative AI Augmenting Human Creativity 

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it has revolutionized multiple industries worldwide, and human creativity is no exception. AI has given us a cutting-edge field, “Generative AI,” opening up numerous possibilities and enhancing creative work for businesses globally. But that’s a broad perspective, and you should understand how Generative AI can help you stay