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Generative AI

July 11 2024
Multimodal AI

Multimodal AI: What It Is and How It Works

Reading Time: 4 minutes AI experts hail multimodal AI as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of artificial intelligence. This innovative technology is transforming how machines interpret and interact with the world around them. But what is multimodal AI? How does it work, and how is it different from other AI models? What is multimodal AI? Multimodal artificial

June 10 2024
Cloud to AI

Moving from Cloud to AI: Top 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Development teams around the globe have started adopting the possibility and excitement of using the latest AI tools to build software. Popular coding assistants such as GitHub Copilot and generative models can accelerate development unprecedentedly, and developers are embracing these tools – irrespective of whether management has officially approved them. As your technology team considers

April 29 2024
Six Generative AI Use Cases in PropTech

Six Generative AI Use Cases in PropTech 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Property technology is rapidly disrupting the old-school real estate journey, including buying, renting, searching, selling, and more. Artificial intelligence can offer enormous value for real estate, such as financial solutions, as organizations undergo organizational transformation. Generative AI and AI were ranked amidst the topmost technologies expected to substantially impact real estate in the coming years

April 2 2024

Six Generative AI Use Cases in EdTech

Reading Time: 3 minutes While educators debate the opportunities and risks of generative AI as a learning tool, few education technology enterprises use it to boost revenue and lower costs. Generative AI education has the power to revolutionize the education industry, shifting it from a system focused on storing facts to one that assists students in learning necessary skills

March 11 2024
Generative AI Use Cases

Six Generative AI Use Cases in Healthcare 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generative AI’s value in the healthcare sector in 2022 was an astonishing $1.06 billion worldwide. By 2032, this statistic is expected to shoot to an impressive $30.4 billion, showcasing the rapidly growing importance of GenAI in this industry. Based on a recent survey, about 72% of healthcare experts trust AI to enable administrative task automation,

January 29 2024
Generative ai

A Dynamic Duo: Generative AI Augmenting Human Creativity 

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it has revolutionized multiple industries worldwide, and human creativity is no exception. AI has given us a cutting-edge field, “Generative AI,” opening up numerous possibilities and enhancing creative work for businesses globally. But that’s a broad perspective, and you should understand how Generative AI can help you stay

November 7 2023
Generative AI

What is Generative AI? Its Models, Challenges & Use Cases

Reading Time: 7 minutes Generative AI is an innovative technology that has completely changed our approach towards artificial intelligence. Whether it is audio, content, code, images, videos, simulations, or even music, algorithms of generative AI do everything. There is not even a single industry in the world that isn’t experiencing its revolution. The world we’re living in is the