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5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming

5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Do you think it is easy to put a ball in basket while playing basketball? I am sure it is hard, now imagine the basket is moving and shifting its place will make it harder. Same with the advancement of technology, it is growing so fast and making things harder for programmers to create a new hitting technology.

Many people are well aware of tech-trends, but the pace they are moving at is shockingly fast… and becoming challenging for firms to build tools to support these constantly evolving technologies. This rapid progress points towards an important question. Is advancement leading the programmer towards a black hole in the future???

Black holes are scary dude!!

Fasten your belts….. We are here to prepare you about upcoming futuristic challenges and these challenges are screaming out louder than the sole programmer’s capabilities.

With the help of our crystal ball, we have listed the five top forecasts for futuristic programming that how they are going to shake out the world. But crystal ball is still blurry and we are not sure when these forecasts are going to come true, some might within five years or some might later on…

We have a request please read them quickly, as fast as you can because future is moving quicker than we know.

Rest Well while REST Will Command the IoT (Internet of things)

The REST is bound to maintain the supremacy by taking over the web as every doorknob, thermostat, and kitchen appliances are becoming the part of internet. Still in present they are more like SATA or USB of things but no worries soon they will be the officially known as internet of things.

If we identify the reasons, it is obvious because programmers love the simplicity of REST, it is easy to debug them and relatively flexible to understand. You can easily figure out the situations by having all the data in text form.

So get ready for them because we do not want you to be surprised when microwave oven, nose-hair clipper and security cameras will be running on port 80 by reporting all of the devices in CSS and HTML.

Bigger the Database Better they will Dominate

Yes you know that search engines are indexing the whole web, but originally there are databases indexing the web and world as well. You can even find tracking apps which gives the users live map instead of drawn maps by cartographers or aerial photographs. They can just see by themselves from their phone that is the road blocked by some accident or by any sort of construction.

So imagine the drastic changes we will have in databases in future such as we will even know the nearest newspaper vending machine, will be able to surface the roads whenever they need it, autonomous cars, and automatic replacement of street lights. Finally police will be able to have much more data of every single person walking on streets.

JavaScript will be the Central King Without any Coding

In future if we are not going to do the coding then how JavaScript is going to dominate? The answer is simple ‘the Transcoding Robots’. We just have to write our code in any language and the robots will transform them into a language which will be easy for Node.JS to understand.

You know what? it has already started and the good example for this is CoffeeScript, it helps the programmers to remove bothersome punctuations. You can even find tons of variations on CoffeeScript such as CoffeeScript II, IcedCoffeeScript and Coco. The wonderful thing is that it will be loved by everyone because JavaScript will still let you write your favorite languages.

PHP will have a Royal Battle against Node.JS

In present situation PHP is going down even with a fight, still they haven’t faded from the market but few years back everyone was talking about JavaScript and Node.JS might eat up the PHP. Recently the new versions of PHP and its virtual machines are intensively faster than before like Drupal or WordPress are running 40, 60, 80 even sometimes 100 percent faster.

Still these facts are not good enough to challenge the JavaScript’s advantages, like it permits a same code for both server and browser. You know this feature is been kicking out the PHP because in past people have to rewrite a new code whenever they had to shift from PHP to node.JS. So it is proven that these platforms will shape themselves in new life.

Age of Programmers: Few will Know the Real Coding

There are so many platforms which let you create apps, websites or small software by giving few commands. If you have tried any of these platforms then I am sure you know that feeling when you consider yourself as a programmer, like some even walk around with big chest saying; you know I made my own website I know programming.

Or maybe you would find people who know how to write few lines of code, or they were able to make a simple static website by Googling, copying and pasting the code.

Yes, in future programmers are going to encourage different people and will provide them new tools to make complex things easily. But when people will try to write codes by themselves they will come to know that how hard it is to design a new one.

In future everyone will be able to write a loop of code, only few will be able to design a new one. So still for complex work they are going to hire programmers because they won’t be able to do technical works by themselves like almost everyone can cut woods with axe, but only carpenter can cut them according to required size.

Precisely in the future some tools are going to dominate and some will decline but programming is always going to be hard. Maybe it will become fun for those who are going to adopt its real logics to invent new stuffs.

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