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Trending In 2017: Enterprise Mobility

Trending In 2017: Enterprise Mobility
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The past decade has seen a rise in mobile devices and their integration in office work. Whether their use is sanctioned by the office itself, is a different story. However, on this all experts agree upon; enterprise mobility is widespread and is here to stay.

There is an inherent increase in working away from workplace, as employees continue to use their own devices or locked-down devices handed by employers. A sharp increase is being observed from 2012, and ever since, the trend has caught up.

However, what has enabled enterprise mobility to increase market penetration in such short time? Here are a few reasons why more businesses are mobilizing their workforce to enable enterprise mobility:

Device Manageability & Security:

In the passing years, another common topic which has gained noticeable attention from various niches is the ‘Bring Your Own Device’, or more commonly known as the BYOD.

Due to these new trends revamping the industries, a cliché problem which took birth was of security. In order to deal with these security issues, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, which will allow firms to bring better security measures to the platform. MDMs are definately going to be thing to watch out in 2017 and times to come.

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Efficient Threat Management:

As the mobile applications are continuously growing and making their way into the enterprise world, the minds behind these showcases need to think of ways to reduce operating system threats and all other potential vulnerabilities.

In this situation, every new application which is being created is being revamped with effective threat management systems, in order to keep the employees safe. There are a number of different firms which provide these services, in order to keep your firm safe.

Rise of Companion Applications:

According to experts, the rise of companion applications is going to be seen in the year 2017 and the years to come. These applications are the ones which do not copy everything from the desktop app, and are gaining important as mobiles are not the only technological edge left these days.

Startups prefer PureLogics for developing enterprise mobility applications.

Dawn of Citizen Developers:

With the abrupt rise in no-code or low code mobile applications, citizen developers have started making their way into the marketplace and gaining attention like never before. These individuals have low or zero knowledge of the traditional mobile application development techniques, but are still able to create secure and diverse applications.

Enterprise mobility is one of the most discussed topics all over the internet. Most of the enterprises around the globe are looking forward to enforcing mobility into their business in order to make sure they can gain an edge over their competitors. However, just like the rest of the buzzwords around the town, enterprise mobility is also a subject to continuous change.

Hence for firms, it is extremely important to incorporate the latest enterprise solutions in their business. This is where PureLogics stands out. We have a team of seasoned professionals, with years of experience in enterprise mobility. Hence, if you’re looking to make a mark in the marketplace, get in touch with us today.

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