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How Enterprise Mobility Is Going To Change The Business Game

How Enterprise Mobility Is Going To Change The Business Game
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Over the last few years we have seen rapidly evolving technology and a natural consequence of this technological growth is the drastic change in the ways organizations and people work. Now the productive hours in a day are worth more than actual physical presence.

Organizations are hunting talent from all around the world and empowering their teams to work from anywhere using their mobile devices. The corporate data is made available on cloud so employees can access and share their information through their mobiles and tablets.

The approach is inexpensive, provides credible business intelligence and analytics, offers an effective monitoring system, boosts up productivity and enables organizations to rise beyond geographical restraints. We call this model BYOD….Bring your own mobile device.

Not only enterprise mobility is effective for managing remote employees but it has also proven to be highly suitable for field services workers as their location and information can be easily tracked and updated through their mobile devices. They can simply enter the mobile data in the enterprise mobility application and the management will be able to access the reports and status of the project at any instance and any location.

Another cherry on the top is the unified mobility experience that allows employees and management to work on the project on one device and save the updates to a cloud storage and access the information later on another device and location.

For example if an employee works on a clients’ project at the workplace and updates it on a cloud service, he can later access it anywhere from him mobile device and continue with the progress regardless of location, time zone or availability of equipment as all he needs is a mobile.

Why Small Companies Should be Interested in Enterprise Mobility?

Of the entire corporate world, small businesses need extra effort and productivity in order to get their organization up and running and a recent iPass Global Mobile Workforce study says that employees having a “work mobile phone” tend to work at least 8 extra hours every week in addition to their regular work hours.

If you need real-life of enterprise mobility’s success in retail sector, you can take Nordstrom as an example where they have equipped their cashiers with mobiles so they can produce on the spot invoices and checkout receipts so customers don’t have to wait in long queues at checkout counters.

Enterprise mobility is also a great tool to make talent stick with your company since all employees love flexibility and the freedom to plug-in whenever and wherever they want, make them more loyal towards your organization.  

Organizations’ Concerns Regarding Enterprise Mobility:

When it comes to enterprise mobility, organizations’ key concern is data security. Nobody likes living with the fear of their data security getting compromised. This concern is rooted in theft or loss of mobile phones. With so many devices allowed to access the company’s data, security becomes a valid concern and companies may think that they are losing over how their data can be accessed and by whom.

To address this issue, enterprise mobility application developers must be instructed to keep the data security system robust. The risk of violation can be minimized by providing everyone role-based access and training the employees to keep their devices secure.

For example, you can train your team to use password protection or you can develop a security infrastructure based on data encryption and remote wipe technology so your team members can erase all data from the device in case of theft. There are already a few security solutions available in the market but you can also get your custom security application built.

An acceptable use policy can also be laid down for mobile workers and devices. The employees can restricted from downloading certain type of documents or information on their mobiles or installing personal apps that could possibly breach the security.

If implemented the right way, enterprise mobility can drastically boost up employee productivity, promote a forward-looking corporate culture, make the processes a lot easier and faster than before and foster flexibility.

It won’t be a surprise if you see the enterprise mobility taking over the technology departments of the corporations. It has a lot of potential to make businesses thrive and it all depends on organizations that how intelligently they implement it.

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