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5 reasons you should consider to make mobile apps user-friendly

5 reasons you should consider to make mobile apps user-friendly
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Traditional merry-go-round wired telephones has fallen at the hands of the modern day pocket-sized smartphones. In this fast paced technology controlled world, mobile applications and the IoT has dug deep inroads in our life and are now inherent in order to run an efficient business.

In such times, entrepreneurs and forward-driven tech savvy retail owners are continuously aiming towards getting a mobile application, which not only allows them to have a wider scoring scope with their clientele – but also provides their business with a much farfetched online presence.

However, a key point while developing a mobile application is to make sure that user-friendliness of the app is kept in mind. Nonetheless, mobile app developers these days may confuse a user-friendly app with a mobile-friendly one. If you are a business owner looking to get your app developed, here is what your mobile app developer needs to look out for to make user-friendly.

Keep it Simple:

You need to make sure you keep everything as simple as you can. First, do not play with a wide-array of colors. This can turn-out to be a miraculously engaging theme, or in most cases; a disaster. Such risks are better not taken when you’re dealing with a client.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to develop buttons on an average scale. It should be proper for any user; whether they have small or large finger surface area.  On top of everything else, a mobile application needs to be precise and deliver all the features clearly such as, Caring On Demand.

PureLogics offers a multitude of user-friendly mobile applications for startups. 

Customer is Always Right:

There comes a point when you might think that the customer is not providing you with the right idea, and you have something better up your sleeve. However, regardless how good you think your idea is; the customer is not going to approve if it’s not according to their demands.

Whatever the customer says, you need to agree with it. Nonetheless, you always have your say in the matter, and you can suggest certain things. But remember, your customer is the one who is paying!

Spontaneous User Experience:

If you’re aiming to add advanced features to the mobile application, remember to add a manual on how to use them as well. Most clients would want you to create the greatest app in the marketplace, but doing so, you might create an application which is very difficult to use.

Hence, if you add complex features in the application, provide video testimonials or a help desk to make the user’s experience a comfortable one.

Ads Can Drive Them Nuts:

One of the most irritating aspects of a mobile application is extensive amounts of advertisements. These ads not only lessen the user experience, but can also cause tons of damage to a user’s data. Hence, it is better to minimize the ads when developing a mobile application.

Slow loading time:

Regardless how much the design and the layout are given preference, the speed does matter! You need to make sure that the application you develop is responsive and does not lag. An application which is slow or is not compatible with a variety of versions is not appreciated much in the marketplace these days.

Developing a mobile application for a business is not an easy job. The developer needs to make sure that the client’s exact demands and expectations are met – while inducing some of their own creativity and innovation as well.

With the tips mentioned above, a mobile app developer can easily develop a user-friendly mobile app; regardless which platform they are working on.

At PureLogics, we ensure that our client is always one hundred percent satisfied with the quality of our work. We have a team of seasoned mobile app developers, who are veterans in the field and can create dynamic and compelling mobile applications within your given deadlines.

So, get in touch with our team today and put your business on the right path to success. For more details, contact us today!

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