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The Best Beginners Guide to Artificial Intelligence (2023)

What is AI
Reading Time: 5 minutes

In just five years’ time, you will hear people saying that “AI is a household word.” So, don’t you want to learn AI quickly and start making an impact on the digital ecosystem with your name? 

Yes? Ok, you’ve landed in the right place. This beginner guide to AI is for you. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk through every detail of AI – like what AI is, how AI works, why AI is important today, what it might be capable of in the future, why you need to start AI right now, and many other things you must know as an enthusiastic beginner to AI.

Keep aside the endless amount of AI guides available on the internet. After reading this, you will not be looking for how to learn AI from scratch.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is a vast branch of computer science that empowers the machines to perform advanced tasks that generally require human intelligence. These tasks include speech recognition, video creation, answering questions, data analysis, artistic creation, and many other things.

The purpose of AI is to replicate human intelligence in machines so that machines can think rationally like humans do. 

But do you know what makes a machine intelligent? It is the machine learning and deep learning algorithms that gives power to machines to think and act like a human. You all are already aware of the pace with which AI is evolving. 

So, in just five years of time, you are going to see “AI” as a household word.

Now Let’s See, How Does AI work?

AI works by using large amounts of algorithms and data which works as a set of rules to learn and perform tasks. There are specific keywords from the data that AI recognizes to act according to the query. 

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is machine learning that gives power to machines to process the data and answer the query, make predictions, and offer suggestions and solutions. The best thing about AI systems is their ability to learn again and again from the past to improve their output performance.

Why is AI Important Today? 

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is important due to its huge potential to address complex challenges and revolutionize industries worldwide. The primary goal of AI is to help humans with their problem-solving capabilities and make advanced decisions. 

It offers unprecedented opportunities for industries, from healthcare to manufacturing and customer service sectors. 

It is AI that has fueled innovation in overall businesses of the world. According to IT experts, artificial intelligence is and will be one of the top drivers of economic growth and societal progress in this digital global village. 

So, whether you want to learn AI or want to grow your business, you need work to incorporate AI into your daily operations.

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

If you are a true AI enthusiast and want to know how to learn AI from scratch, don’t miss out on these three types of artificial intelligence:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. Artificial General Intelligence 
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence
Types of Artificial Intelligence - PureLogics LLC

Artificial Narrow Intelligence – ANI

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, also known as narrow intelligence, is a goal-focused AI that performs single tasks only. Its intelligence works on the basis of training for that particular task. 

If we talk in scientific language, Narrow AI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to perform tasks.

This is the type of AI we usually interact with on a daily basis. Examples of narrow artificial intelligence are voice recognition, image recognition, and chatbots. There are multiple AI tools and AI technologies, like Siri, Alexa, etc., that use this type of artificial intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence – AGI

When it comes to multi-tasking capabilities, there comes a role of artificial general intelligence. This AI is not limited to a particular area of expertise; it can understand, adapt, and perform multiple tasks at a time like a human can do. 

So, you can say that AGI has intelligence nearly equal to a human.

The perfect and commonly known example of this artificial general intelligence is ChatGPT – one of the most powerful AI tools so far. Many of you would surely have used ChatGPT, and understand how powerful and efficient the AI revolution is that the overall industries of the world are experiencing now.

Artificial Super Intelligence – ASI

The final version of artificial intelligence is ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence. IT experts claim that this powerful technology will surpass human intelligence. With ASI, you will be able to predict the future and create everything you imagine. 

However, the reality of this super artificial intelligence is hypothetical. Let’s see how it will impact lives on the planet.

Subareas of AI: Machine learning, Deep learning, Data science

AI is a broad term. There are three important terms – machine learning, deep learning, and data science – that come under the umbrella of AI. If you are one of those who are searching “how to learn ai step by step” must understand the concepts of these terms. So, let’s have a quick overview!

Subareas of AI - PureLogics LLC

Machine Learning – It is a subset of AI that aims to develop AI algorithms so that AI systems can learn from the data without being properly programmed. For example, ChatGPT uses 570 GB of available text data from the internet to provide users with the results they look for.

Deep Learning – Deep learning comes under machine learning. It is inspired by the intelligence of the human brain and uses artificial neural networks to understand and function the complex queries. 

You will be listening to the latest AI news like self-driving automobiles on social media. All these developments are the result of deep learning.

Data Science – It is an interdisciplinary field that uses everything above like statistical analysis, visual analysis, machine learning, etc., to learn from the data, solve problem-solving skills and give the best answers.

Best Way to Learn AI and Machine Learning

Firstly, work on the prerequisites, which are basic mathematics and basic stats. Afterward, learn and practice the following programming languages:

  1. Python with its libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, and NumPy
  2. Good command of R and Java
  3. C++ with frameworks like TensorFlow and OpenCV
  4. Julia – It is getting huge popularity in the AI world
  5. MATLAB with its AI-related toolboxes

The journey to AI will be exciting, with some obvious challenges. Make a proper road map, use the right resources, and navigate your pathway with confidence.

Future of AI Says that Start AI Right Now!

AI will spoil you if you don’t add AI to your existing skill sets. Yes, you will see the unprecedented impact of AI on businesses and jobs.

You will have been observing that AI has started transforming every industry whether it is healthcare, e-commerce, education, or finance. Almost every big name in today’s business has started adding AI technologies to their systematic apparatus.

Don’t lose the opportunity AI is providing you. Start your journey of shifting to AI right now. Soon, you’ll see yourself at the forefront of technological progress and advancements.

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