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The Most Sought-After Programming Languages In 2017

The Most Sought-After Programming Languages In 2017
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In the battle between the digital enterprises and the brick and mortar titans, one cannot simply understate the aid of technology and the role of computers in our life. Whether it is a government official or a medical entity, everyone is looking to make their lives easier with the help of computers and the software which runs these machines.

With this popularity growing and the world of technology revamping with each passing day, an important role in this venture is being played by programming languages.

These languages have grown in the past few years, and now there is a competition between them; in order to bag the highest number of users around the globe. There are a very few platforms, who tend to offer services these languages altogether.

Here is a brief analysis of the race between these programming languages – highlighting the ones which are highly preferred by programmers in 2017.


Java has grown significantly more than any other language in the preceding year. The job opportunities for Java experts have grown dramatically, and it has become one of the most used programming languages in the IT world. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the emphatic growth of Android users and the brilliant characteristics of Java which make it worthwhile.


Increasing the productivity of a developer and primarily emphasizing code readability, Python has also grown dramatically in 2016. Now, it has moved at least two spots in almost all the charts in the marketplace, as it deals with the most simplest, yet wanted aspects of IT; data mining, desktop applications and website applications.


The leading coding language, which stormed its way to the top three, is the SQL. The numbers of employment opportunities in the field of SQL have increased at an unreal pace, giving SQL a lead over all the other coding languages in the market. It has different variations such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL, which are being pursued concurrently to provide help and support to tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

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A dynamic yet simple scripting language, JavaScript is different from Java and the mean stack development aspects. This language has been stagnant in the charts in both, 2016 and 2017, with almost the same number of job opportunities on employment platforms. The language is used for front-end development and the greatest outcome is that it is compatible with all the browsers being used till date.


Built on the basis of C; known as the grandfather of all the coding languages out in the market these days, C++ is one of the strongest and high-performance programming languages being used today. Used to build game engines, web applications, system software and desktop applications, this language is considerably hard for beginner’s to learn.

What about Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails was booming in 2016, but it had to face a major collapse in the charts of 2017. On most platforms, Ruby bagged a spot in the top 7 most famous programming languages of 2016, but since the dawn of 2017, it has dropped several spots everywhere.

According to the engineers, this might be caused DUE TO Ruby losing a major stack of its shares to other alternatives, such as Go and Node.Js. However, there is still work left for Ruby, and it might gallop back to regain its spot in the top programming languages of 2018.

Making life easier for programmers and engineers, these coding languages have been used the most in recent years, and they have appeared in the top lists of almost all the charts which have been published up until now. However, finding a combination of these languages in a service provider might be difficult, as most people consider mastering one instead of all.

This is where PureLogics steps in! We have a team of professional Software developers who have been exceptionally trained in all these languages, and more; in order to make sure our clients get the best of what they want. For more details, get in touch with us today.

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