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Welcome A New Website Or Rejuvenate The Current Website?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So your bounce rate is going high and your sales are going down; you need to make a decision: spruce up the existing site or build a new one?

Before you can actually answer this question, what you need to understand is the major categories that fall under the scope of website upgrade, reskin and redesign.

Maybe your site needs smaller changes to start performing well again and which could be executed through reskinning or redesigning instead of the costly and time-consuming rebuilding process.

So here is to help you decide, based on some common signs and indicators, in which state your website is a good candidate for what.

It’s a good idea to consider a website reskin if:

  • your website seems outdated and you want to incorporate professional imagery, clear fonts, and video content, etc. without any need to reconstruct the entire content or make any major functionality changes.
  • the navigation of your site has become messy due to the expansion of your services or product assortments, plus, there are so many expandable URLs that need shortening for the convenience of end users.
  • there is a significant proportion of site visitors who just bounce off the moment they get to your homepage or there are any other issues that need minor adjustments or additions like creation of a sign-up form to increase conversion rate.
  • your company has just created a different identity or changed its logo and it’s the website design or the brand collateral that needs to be consistent with that.

It’s a good idea to consider a website redesign if:

  • the site uses an obsolete tech that no longer supports the framework on which it has been built.
  • your business has changed drastically and you want to make sure that all your new products and services are well-supported and properly highlighted.
  • the site speed is what is impacting your sales and revenue process and your platform doesn’t offer optimal user experience on mobile devices.
  • your site frustrates your visitors and gives them headaches, sighs, and eye-rolls when searching and finding the information they need.
  • not everyone is able to access and interact with your website and you need to add accessibility features for people with disabilities.

It’s a good idea to consider a website rebuild if:

  • simply, the site you have is broken: not loading fast, links ending up on dead pages, and layouts not working with all the different modern browsers.
  • the content management – like creating and editing pages – has become extremely cumbersome for your staff and you want to switch to new and relatively updated CMS.
  • it’s the technology that has passed you by and your competitors’ sites are onto platforms that are more stable, more secure, and widely supported.
  • your website is not optimized for SEO techniques as well as inbound marketing, and requires an extensive redesign work if you try to add mobile responsiveness.
  • your business has grown massively in a short span of time, customer demands are larger than ever, and you want a lot of improvements.

Ready to breathe a new life into your online business? PureLogics has you covered from reskin to redesign to rebuild. If you’re still unsure which one you need, just get in touch with us; our experts will determine the best scope and roadmap for your project.

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