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Top 7 Mobile Application Development Platforms in 2023

mobile application development platforms
Reading Time: 6 minutes

A recent study says that there will be approximately 7.26 billion smartphone users in the world by 2023. The same study claims that the market for mobile application development platforms is predicted to generate $70.59 billion by the end of this decade.

There are no doubts that demand for mobile app development is rising at an unprecedented rate. It is because mobile phones have become the most important part of our daily lives. From ordering food to managing personal finances, we use our phones for almost everything.

Software developers have also started building more mobile applications to meet the growing needs of customers. But they often feel it is difficult to select from the best application development platforms. We understand; choosing one platform isn’t an easy task.

So, to help software developers as well as businesses, we have discussed the top 7 mobile application development platforms in detail.

What Are Mobile App Development Platforms?

Mobile application development platforms (or MADPs) are software solutions that create installable mobile applications. These platforms provide a framework and different tools, technologies, and services.

These tools and technologies streamline the app development process, and makes it more efficient and budget-friendly for businesses.

These app development platforms offer multiple features. These include pre-built templates, user interface design tools, and backend services. These features help developers build applications for different platforms, such as iOS and Android.

You have a basic understanding of these platforms. Now, let’s explore their benefits and understand what is important to consider when choosing any mobile app development platform.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Platforms

Before diving straight into the details of platforms, let’s throw light on some of the top benefits of mobile app development platforms. These benefits will, undoubtedly, catalyze you to build mobile apps for your businesses.

Faster development

Time is the most important thing in today’s rapidly evolving world of technology. MADPs offer pre-built components and templates, which reduce the development time. It means that you can now get your app to market faster and stay ahead of your competition.

A survey conducted in 2022 says that businesses that used mobile application development platforms saw a 30% reduction in development time.


Developing a mobile app from scratch is an expensive and difficult task. However, if you use development platforms, you can decrease the overall cost of mobile app development.

These platforms offer ready-made solutions and tools that make them the best and most budget-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes. Businesses using app development platforms claim that they save up to 50% on development costs in comparison to traditional methods.

Cross-platform compatibility

Another top benefit of using app development platforms is their ability to create applications for multiple platforms at the same time.

It means now you can now reach a larger audience without developing separate apps for different platforms (such as iOS, Android, etc.). In 2022, 70% of mobile app developers used MADPs to build cross-platform applications.

Streamlined maintenance

Once your app is live, you need to update and maintain it on a regular basis. But thanks to MADPs, they offer centralized management tools. These tools simplify the maintenance process and make sure that your app is always up-to-date and bug-free.

Enhanced security

When it comes to security, using mobile application development platforms is the best option. These platforms usually have built-in security features and compliance measures.

They reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure that the information of mobile users is safe and secure.

Do you know what mobile app developers say about it? More than 87% of developers claim that security is the #1 priority of mobile application development platforms.

What to Consider in Mobile App Development Platforms

Following are the top five factors you need to consider when choosing any mobile development platform:


Always choose a platform that can grow with your business. It is important that the user base and features of your application grow with time. So, we must consider the scalability factor while choosing any app development platform.

User experience (UX) design

Make sure that the platform offers intuitive UX design tools. It is because an application can’t be successful if it does not have an appealing and user-friendly interface.

AI services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the top factors you should consider when choosing any mobile app development platform. AI enhances and improves the user-experience measurement, and increases the number of app downloads.

Backend services

To support the functioning of your app, evaluate the accessibility of backend services such as databases, user authentication, and serverless computing. 

Integration capabilities

Choose an app development platform that ensures seamless integration with third-party services and APIs.

Support and community

Always check for support resources and an active user community. It will help you when you encounter any challenges during the process of app development.

Top 7 Mobile Application Development Platforms in 2023

Now you know what an app development platform is and what to look for in it. Let’s discuss the top 7 mobile application development platforms that will dominate in 2023:


Flutter, developed by Google, has gained huge popularity among software developers and businesses. The reason is its cross-platform capabilities and incredibly awesome UI design features. 

Flutter is, undoubtedly, one of the top mobile app development platforms you can actually rely on. It allows developers and businesses to develop visually appealing apps with a single codebase.

Fast app development, built-in material design, rich motion APIs, powerful widget support, own rendering engine, and etc., are the important features of flutter.


  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba
  • Cryptograph

React Native

React Native was developed by Facebook. It is known for its efficiency in building cross-platform apps. It is a reason that React Native is one of the favorite app development platforms among developers.

Low-code, short development time, excellent support for third-party libraries, live reload, and a declarative API for predictive user interfaces are among the top features of React Native.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • UberEats


Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is a versatile platform that uses .NET and C# for mobile app development. It offers deep integration with Microsoft technologies and tools.

The top features of Xamarin are application loader, diagnostic tools, single-code different platforms, Google emulator manager, Android SDK manager, corporate support, compatibility with IoT, TV, and other wearables.


  • Azure mobile app
  • Alaska Airlines
  • UPS mobile app


NativeScript is an open-source framework. It empowers mobile app developers to create native apps using JavaScript, Typescript, CSS, Angular, and Vue.js. This app development platform provides direct access to native APIs, which produce high-performance applications.

NativeScript offers complete access to iOS and Android APIs. The applications that are created using this platform can be run on different platforms. 

In addition to that, NativeScript significantly helps in backened development and gives support to mission-critical functions.


  • NStudio
  • Strudelhaus
  • Groceries

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no-code/low-code platform that simplifies app development for those who don’t have extensive knowledge of coding. This app development platform is an excellent choice for small-scale businesses and startups.


Ionic is a free and open-source mobile app development platform. Developed using Angular and Apache Cordova, it allows app developers to create applications for three platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Almost every mob application development company uses Ionic to build feature-rich and strong native applications.

The top features of Ionic are its intuitive UI components, Cordova plugin, framework compatibility, JavaScript components, quick and easy development, strong community support, etc.


  • Market Watch
  • Sworkit
  • Amtrak


Framework7 is another top mob application development platform that uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to develop premium-quality iOS and Android apps.

This framework is famous among application developers and entrepreneurs for its excellent speed and flexibility. Moreover, it allows software developers to easily create complex and intuitive UI designs.

The pre-installed FastClick library, simple and easy-to-use jQuery syntax, a diverse range of icons, templates, and plugins, high-quality UI elements, and excellent support for React, Vue.js, and Svelte are among the key features of Framework7.

Final Remarks

The mobile application development industry is constantly evolving as new tools and technologies come up every year.

So, if you want to opt for one of the top mob app development frameworks, first understand the needs, requirements, and available resources your business has. Analyze these factors to make an educated decision regarding the selection of a platform.

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