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Top Cross-Platform Application Development Gizmos In 2017

Cross-Platform Application Development Gizmos
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For a business to survive and thrive in the age of information technology, it is important to have a digital imprint in the mobile market. And nothing facilitates application of mobile applications than cross-platform development.

As per a report, on average, more than 55% traffic on a website is mobile based. Losing out more than half of the audience is not something businesses can afford nowadays. Cross-platform mobile application development is a substitute for the native application development method, which is being used to satisfy the towering demands of entrepreneurs, looking to own a mobile application at an affordable cost.

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For business-owners, it is extremely important to know which cross-platform application development tool is the best. However, the dizzying amount of options available can confuse most people. We have listed down some of the most effective cross-platform application development tools below:


Including an open-source SDK which is proficient in supporting more than 5,000 OS API’s and devices, Appcelerator is a platform which uses a singular JavaScript codebase for the development of its applications; and can develop applications for Android, iOS, HTML5, Blackberry and hybrid applications alike. It is primarily used to speed-up the time-to-market, provides support to real-time mobile analytics and has an extensible environment.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe offers a number of different cross-platform development tools, in which one of the most noticeable is PhoneGap. This open-source solution is primarily based on Apache Cordova – which is basically an open-source compilation of device API’s, allowing access to some native functions of the device, to the applications.

In PhoneGap, developers can build applications using Java Web Languages, HTML5 and CSS3. They can also use a singular codebase to develop an application, rather than different SDKs.

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Using a singular and shared C# codebase, Xamarin is also in the list of some of the most efficient cross-platform application development tools you’ll find in the marketplace. It helps in developing iOS, Windows and Android applications, and these applications can be tested on different devices through Xamarin’s cloud service. There are different businesses, which provide exceptional cross-platform application development services, including Xamarin. On top of everything else, this platform provides engaging features such as ability to add elements, native API access and integration with the back-ends.


The main focus behind iFactr is to maintain a speedy delivery of applications. According to the company, through this platform, developers can develop applications at double the speed, with which they create an application through another platform. A maximum training of 2 to 3 days is required to create an application, and prototypes can also be built quickly for employee feedback. Its solution also supports Phonegap, and it uses Xamarin to develop Android and iOS applications.


With a basic focus on enterprise, Alpha Anywhere is one of the best and most efficient cross-platform application development portals to support major operating systems; MACs and Personal Computers. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript and recently it has allowed the engineers to develop applications which can be used in offline mode.

Cross-platform application development is the mantra of the new age of mobile and website development procedures. It has provided developers with a wish-list of features which they can implement, and has taken optimization and customization to a whole new level.

However, in order to ace a cross-platform application, you need a mediator firm; with a combination of skills and knowledge. This is where PureLogics stands out. We have some of the most seasoned engineers, having years of experience in cross-platform application development. Get in touch with us today!

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