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Run A Smarter Workplace With Visitor Management System

Reading Time: 3 minutes

An essential element of any workplace is receiving visitors and guests, which can turn out to be a cumbersome process to carry out manually, especially for big organizations, for which the footfall may escalate to hundreds (or even thousands) on certain days. However, this is where a digital visitor management system can play a significant role.

But what exactly is a digital visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a seamless software solution to all the age-old reception acts, i.e., keeping daily records manually in a sign-in book, register, or spreadsheet. It offers a smart, digitised way to keep track of all the visitors and guests who come in and out of your office’s premises, whether to talk business or otherwise.

You see, the conventional way of managing visitors at your location was not only inefficient and time-consuming, but the paper logs also had room for inaccuracies and other loopholes. With the smart visitor management system, however, you have an extra pair of hands to execute your visitor management policies—all electronically.

How does it work?

The visitor management system, a revolutionary technology that is introduced at the reception area, requires visitors to get signed in efficiently on a computer or a tablet while typing in their names and details, snapping photos, and providing other necessary information. All this visitor data is stored in the system in a full-proof signing-in process, and the correct employee is notified automatically about their guest. And when it’s time to leave, the receptionist signs the particular visitor out via a web- or mobile-based software system.

What’s special about the electronic visitor management system is that it provides businesses with the ability to capture, retrieve, and analyse data on everyone who is or was inside their premises at any given time.

How can you reap the benefits that the visitor management system has to offer?

Implementing a visitor management system has many benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Make a positive first impression—If your front desk is upgraded with a digital sign-in, it can no doubt create a better first impression while setting the tone for a memorable visit onsite.
  • Elevate the visitor sign-in process: When you invest in a visitor management system, it will digitise and streamline the reception process, with printing, filing, and messaging becoming things of the past.
  • No compromise on office safety and security— The digital visitor management system enhances safety and promotes security as it enables your organisation to know who is in your building, when, and why. The electronic system also helps combat challenges associated with information security and regulatory compliance.
  • Boost office productivity: Have you considered how much time your business spends on visitor logging and other reception etiquette? Your business interactions can also be hampered if a business client arrives at the reception and is welcomed by a long queue. Selecting a visitor management system, however, will provide you with a faster way of registering the records of your visitors, avoiding too many interruptions, and keeping the receptionist from being caught stranded at their desk.

Ready to choose a visitor management system?

If you’re looking for a quick way of registering your visitors’ records and want to maintain a detailed database of them, then PureLogics Axess, the finest all-around visitor management software, is what you need. It allows you to keep track of your visitors in an entirely new way.You may say we’re biased, so why not schedule a demo with one of our experts today to have a look firsthand? You’ll see how simple it is to use and how powerful PureLogics Axess can be when it comes to visitor management.

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