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10 Reasons Why is Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform?

why is shopify the best ecommerce platform
Reading Time: 6 minutes

You would have inferred from the blog title that we are going to explain 10 reasons why is Shopify the best ecommerce platform. People today are so busy with their lives that they rarely get spare time for shopping. 

Finding time, especially for shopping and going to the market, is more than a difficult task. Right?

But don’t you think that it is a fantastic business opportunity? Everyone today, of all age brackets, is tech-savvy and enjoys visiting online shopping sites and e-commerce platforms.

It is a top reason every brand, from established ones to startups, is going online and generating millions of dollars. They understand the power of digital branding and admit wholeheartedly that e-commerce is the future.

Do you also want to make your own e-commerce brand but don’t know which platform is the best? If yes, don’t worry! This blog post will help you establish your brand on the best e-commerce platform.

Someone has rightly said that starting an e-commerce brand is not an easy task, but if you pick the right platform, more than 80% of all problems get a one-time solution.

This blog post explains the top 10 reasons why Shopify is the best platform to scale up your business to $1 million per year. Let’s dive straight into the topic!

Understanding Shopify: Quick Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Founded in 2006, Shopify is now one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms that helps entrepreneurs establish their online retail businesses. It is an all-in-one solution and offers you powerful tools to set up, manage, and market your online businesses of all sizes.

A top reason that makes Shopify the best choice for startups is that you don’t have any technical knowledge of development to set up your online store.

You just need to choose your store name and set up a basic store. Shopify will provide you with all the professional assistance you need to customize your store according to your brand values. Netflix. Allbirds, Heinz, Gymshark, etc. are the top brands that use the Shopify platform.

No. 1 e-commerce platform in the world: Internationally renowned platforms like Forbes.com and INC.com claim that Shopify is the No. 1 platform to start a business online.

Impressive user base: According to the latest reports, Shopify hosts over 4,400,000 active online stores across the globe.

Global reach: Shopify today provides services in 175 countries. It means that you can tap into a diverse international customer base if you open your store on this platform.

Mobile responsiveness: Today is the era of mobile commerce. Thanks to Shopify, it offers the best mobile-responsive themes.

Customer survey reports also say that Shopify is the preferred choice of customers in terms of mobile responsiveness. You know that a seamless shopping experience means more conversion rates.

Impressive growth: Shopify reported $6.30 billion in revenue for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023. You will be surprised to hear that there has been a 25.99% increase year over year. In 2022, the yearly revenue of Shopify was $5.6 billion.

Top 10 Reasons why is shopify the best ecommerce platform

Every second person asks, “Why is Shopify the best?” If you want to know the right answer, look at the following point:

User-Friendly Interface

Everyone who uses the Shopify platform will admit that it is quite easy to set up a store on Shopify and use its quality functions. And for software developers too, Shopify gets easy. It doesn’t demand technical or coding skills to build a store and sell your products online.

If you have previously used platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, or Magento, you may understand how complex they are for store owners. However, the dashboard of Shopify is user-friendly and easier to learn and use.

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Affordable start-up cost

You know that price has always been a crucial factor when choosing any e-commerce platform. Shopify again wins the price game because it offers the most affordable pricing policy.

You can start your online store for only $29 per month. With this plan, you will have access to every option you need to establish and manage your e-commerce store. Whether it is hosting, customer support, or fraud analysis, every feature is included in this price.

Moreover, it charges credit card processing fees on each sale; the maximum of these is only 2.9% plus 30¢ per sale. You will admit that it is a pretty common standard for the e-commerce industry.

1000+ professional theme templates

The design of your website matters a lot. It depicts brand values and strongly impacts the user experience. So, choosing the right platform for your e-commerce store is necessary.

Shopify offers more than 1000 professional templates, which you can use to customize your online store. These templates, created by top designers around the world, cover a wide range of industries.

Highly mobile responsive platform

is shopify the best ecommerce platform

Today is the era of mobile commerce. Every second person uses a phone for web browsing. Thanks to Shopify, it offers the best mobile-responsive themes that make a website highly mobile-responsive.

Customer survey reports also say that Shopify is the preferred choice of customers in terms of mobile responsiveness.

You know that only mobile-friendly websites provide a seamless shopping experience. A seamless shopping experience means there is a high probability of conversion rates.


When it comes to security, Shopify understands the paramount importance of protecting customer data. Whether it is the data of merchants or customers, Shopify ensures strong security measures and compliance.

To reinforce security, Shopify has a stringent policy where merchants don’t have access to the user’s credit card information. 

It has a built-in system that analyzes every transaction to make sure that customers use legal payment methods and that there are no scams on the Shopify platform.

End-to-end Google Ads integrations

Shopify is an all-inclusive CMS for your e-commerce store. You can effortlessly create your website and easily integrate it with the tool sets you need for the effective functioning of your store. The examples of toolsets are Google Ads and its ecosystem.

Because the dashboard is so user-friendly, you can easily perform end-to-end Google Ads integration with your Shopify store.

SEO-friendly capabilities

All of Shopify’s 1000+ themes and templates are SEO-friendly and meet the requirements of Google and other search engines.

When adding products, you can write the title of the page, the meta description, and alt text for images. The best thing is that you can add all these to the same page.

Moreover, Shopify helps you select product URLs and choose relevant keywords according to the name, description, tags, and categories of your product.

Shopify app store

The Shopify App Store 6,000+ apps. This powerful ecosystem offers you a vast number of functionalities to customize and boost your online store.

24/7 customer support

Whenever you face issues, the 24/7 available customer support team at Shopify will be ready to help you. No matter what your queries are, Shopify is always there to assist you.

It means your business will be handled by the talented staff of Shopify. You can contact them through different channels, such as phone calls, web chats, and email.

In addition to this, there are other forum sites as well where you can find answers to your queries. You can contact Shopify developers, users, and other stakeholders to get the required support.

Moreover, you can also watch video guides and go through Advanced Shopify University guides for help.

Shopify store management with your phone

When you are on vacation, you do not need to be concerned about your business. You can manage your Shopify store with your Android or iOS phone. 

There is a Shopify mobile app that allows you to deal with your orders, products, employees, and customers from any location. You can manage all these things using your smartphone.

Advantages of Shopify

There are many benefits of Shopify that make this platform the finest e-commerce platform in the world. You have reviewed all the reasons for choosing Shopify as your e-commerce platform. These reasons are actually the benefits of Shopify.

Shopify provides a user-friendly interface, offers SEO-friendly capabilities, ensures easy integrations with Google Ads, has mobile responsive themes, 24/7 customer support, and many other features.

All these are the benefits that make Shopify the first choice of business owners to set up and manage their online stores.

Crux Of The Discussion

These are merely ten of the many reasons for choosing Shopify. There are still many more! Like anything in the world, Shopify also has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the increasing demands of e-commerce and the unprecedented growth of e-commerce solutions. 

Our Shopify experts at PureLogics would be happy to help you with the development and marketing of your e-commerce store.

Start your e-commerce journey today because, in the subsequent months, the competition will be touching its peaks. 

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