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5 Most Hyped E-Commerce Trends Of 2017

5 Most Hyped E-Commerce Trends Of 2017
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With the dynamic upsurge of technology being ushered into the society we live in, this era can undoubtedly be called a fast paced cyber driven realm. Before the advent of internet back in the 1990’s – the brick and mortar titans had an upper hand over the digital warriors.

However, as e-commerce slithered its way into our lifestyle, the world has moved from desk drawers to cloud-based inventory management systems.

Every year, the uncountable niches of e-commerce are gifted with numerous new trends; which slowly take over the marketplace. Just as 2016 was the perfect year for social media campaigns and mobile shopping, analysts are inevitably convinced that this e-commerce storm will continue almost up until 2020.

As for 2017, here are some of the buzzwords roaming around town; being called the latest and the most compelling e-commerce trends of this year.

Digital Payment Techniques:

With the popularity of PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay increasing with each passing day, customers who prefer buying online are no longer pulling out their debit cards to make the transactions. Instead, people are carrying out this through their online pin codes and entering their fingerprints.

Since last year, countless people have adopted card-less payment methods and are making digital payments through a number of different payment channels. Moreover, according to PureNet, every person will be able to carry out their online transactions over the internet in the coming years.

Advent of Fast Delivery:

There is a fine number of people who still prefer brick and mortar stores over online carts; in order to achieve instant delivery of their orders. The minds behind the biggest web sensations are beginning to derive ways which can lessen the delivery time of their orders; as many people are willing to pay extra for such services as well.

Stores like Boohoo and ASOS, or clinically developed carts are now offering delivery in a single hour window, while many others are offering next day delivery – before 10 pm. According to the reports, these delivery methods will continue to grow and will be revamped by majority of these firms to gain an edge over their brick and mortar competitors.

Introduction to Chatbots:

In the last few years, we have consequently seen mobile messaging applications gain enormous fame and popularity amidst normal; people, and retail store owners as well. Due to e-commerce personalization and artificial intelligence, many large retailers have adopted this scenario as a major part of their business.

These two innovations will now combine to give us something new in 2017; chatbots. These bots are basically Al-Led instant messaging software used by business, which help in making their client’s experience better and reducing bounce rate of potential customers.

Loyalty Applications:

When we talk about shopping online, one of the most important things which keeps an e-commerce store up and going is customer loyalty. However, with a wider-array of shopping choices provided to customers and 49% of these customers, stating that they would have no problem in changing a brand for a good coupon, there is a massive need for loyalty schemes.

These schemes are going to be on the rise in 2017, and will be aimed toward taking information from customer while they shop. This information will then be used to offer highly promotional and personalized offers; gaining customer loyalty in return.

Rise of Mobile Commerce:

As the retailers have started brainstorming designs which work in synergy to a smartphone’s functionality and layout, the trend of mobile commerce has grown emphatically in the last three years.

In 2015, this breakthrough redefined the course of e-commerce and till 2017 these commerce sales are predicted to account for almost $30 billion; showing an exponential increase of about 30%.

Moreover, according to the statistics of eMarketer, these figures are to rise until 2020. The e-commerce industry is growing at an exceptionally fast pace and real-life struggles are gradually turning into sensational online success stories.

Internet is becoming advanced with each passing year, and it is extremely important for online platforms to stay one-step ahead of everything; in order to stand out in a clutter of competition. Are you looking to swim with the big sharks as well?

At PureLogics, we offer our valued clients the most advanced e-commerce solutions in the market. We make sure that we turn your vision into innovation and your dreams into reality. For more details, get in touch with us today.

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