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5 Tips To Market Your App In A Budget Friendly Way

5 Tips To Market Your App In A Budget Friendly Way
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Consider yourself going through an intense process of mobile app development, where you had to burn the midnight oil for making it a great success. You had to conduct surveys to check the app’s need in the market. Moreover, you hired the best team of developers, used the latest tools and techniques to make it unique. Then, after passing it through all the hard tests, you planned to launch it.

But do you think people will download it, without you marketing it properly?

Well, for making your app a real hit, you must market it properly before the launch.  This will provide you with a good number of potential customers.

Following are some budget-friendly techniques that will help you in marketing your app in the best way possible. So fasten your seatbelts, as it’s going to be a great journey ahead.

Write a Guest Post on a Well-Known Technical Website

If you are searching for one of the most cost-effective ways for marketing your app, then a nicely written guest post on a well-known technical site won’t be a bad idea. But make sure that the website to which you are sending the guest post, has its theme and content resonating with the nature of your app.

You should also align your guest post’s content with the tastes and interests of your target audience. The alignment is required, as no one likes spending hours on writing content, in which their target audience has zero level of interest.

Moreover, while emailing the post to the site, do confirm its traffic rate.

Use Native Language to Communicate With the Users

Localization is a process that is used to communicate with the users, using the native language. People out there mostly use English as a medium of communication when writing content for their apps.

But have you ever thought that what will happen if you translate your app in your target audience’s native language?

Well, consider that your app has its potential audience in almost 20 regions. For a test purpose, pick one native language and start translating your app’s content, its name, and it’s description according to that.

After performing the concerned task, do monitor the stats of your app, if you observe a significant increase in your app’s download rate, then adopting this technique as a usual habit would be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Make Sure that the Images and Icons are Nicely Designed

Be careful when getting your app’s icon designed, as it plays an integral role in capturing the attention of all the potential downloaders.

Well, if you can’t afford a professional designer for this task, you can always go for the freelancing sites which provide great designs in the minimum budget possible. Moreover, bring your attention towards getting some nicely designed images after getting done with the logo designing.

If you follow this tip, we guarantee you more downloads, in comparison to the apps with poorly designed visual content.

Be active on Social Media

In this tech-centric era, if you are planning to market your app to your target audience, then social media would prove to be the best platform for highly cost-effective marketing. Well, in this case, you should consider performing the following things:

  • You should post visual content on your page on a regular basis.
  • You should give answers to potential customers via comments and instant messages on social platforms.
  • You should create a coming soon buzz on your page.
  • You should share your app’s specs and launch date, in related social media groups.

Don’t Forget to Live Stream Your Event

Live streaming is not something to be ignored while doing marketing, as it’s the most budget-friendly way to answer your customer’s queries regarding your products.

So, you better not miss this tip when promoting your app.


In short, never forget to market your app before launching it. Moreover, if budget is an issue, then you must follow the tips discussed in this blog.

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