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6 Best Project Management Tools

Best Project Management Tools
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tired of check listing every step and every detail? Managing a project all alone can turn out to be a difficult task. A little help on the way would surely feel like a blessing. From minor to major or leisure to professional projects, projects are a combination of series of steps. Skipping a step or forgetting a single element can completely ruin the end results.

Here are a few Project Management Tools project managers need – best amongst the league:


This app helps create multiple projects, communicate with the team, assign tasks, manage due dates and you can use tags with it. The best thing about it is that it’s fast and responsive.

With the features it offers, I would say Asana is not just an app to help out team work but personal work as well.


Trello is one of those creative fun apps. You don’t just like to work with it, but enjoy just looking at it. The best feature of Trello is its way of arranging your work. You can create several cards and columns of tasks for your project; cards for team members, tasks and due dates. You can even make different boards for different projects with more cards.

Trello is not just fun and creative; it takes your work seriously. You can access your project details not just on windows, but it works just fine on smart phones as well.


Like all the apps so far mentioned Assembla also works well with project management. But the feature that makes it special is its complexity. I’m not saying it is not a user friendly application; rather it has a very complex set up. Assembla gives attention to every single possible detail of a project. It saves time and makes project easy and fast to complete. It does have built-in SVN support.


Podio is one of those fancy applications that can be carried around in your pockets by an android or iOS mobile device. What is most appealing about Podio is that it strives to keep its place at the top. Rather than just managing projects, tasks, tags, communications, members and deadlines Podio has much more to offer.

The application is updated every single week; bringing more to the project management experience every time. It is more useful for those with multiple workplaces. Manage multiple projects with multiple workplaces effortlessly.


Basecamp is the project management tool that goes with the rule of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. It is not one of the fancy applications we overviewed earlier. It is not even among those applications that are enriched with features. Instead it is one of those old school apps.

The attraction in it is of the low price that allows you manage multiple projects. It may ask for less but it gets your work done, no matter in simplicity. It helps maintain projects and its details, tasks, members, communication, tags and due dates; just like any other fancy application.


JIRA is project management tool also known as issue-tracking tool mostly preferred by software developers to track, organize and prioritize bugs. JIRA specialty is its support for any agile methodology, flexibility for teams to plan the whole process as they like and can also be used for new features/improvements for specific tasks.

JIRA helps a lot when it comes to documentation; by tracking the progress, defining deadlines, measuring the time spent, and getting the feedbacks.

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