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PureLogics Bootcamp


Choose the Right Path for the Bright Future

Become Trailblazers for Future’s Standard Fare Ideas
Entering the market without any experience is daunting. Getting a highly-paid job without becoming a coding wizard is a far-fetched dream. Bucking up confidence amidst tech gurus is impossible. That’s why, with our 16+ years of experience in the industry, we have decided to give back to our society by empowering our youth — within our nourishing environment.

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A Bootcamp cum Lamp to Lighten Up Your Success Path!
PureLogics has taken the initiative to create a world for the fourth year students and fresh graduates where they can learn the secrets of becoming Tech Avengers with all the superpowers required to conquer the future’s tech world.Our dedicated expert trainers are ready to teach you HOW!

  • Enjoy PureLogics Culture For 3 Months
  • Real On-Site Experience
  • Dedicated Trainer
  • Friendly Environment


Onsite Training
Learning Environment
Promising Future

Two Bright Paths

Live 3 Meaningful Months with our Industry-Leading Experts

Accelerate your learning with our 3-month course – pay monthly at PKR 12,000 or save big with a one-time payment of only PKR 30,000!

30% Discount for Female Candidates

Discount on One-Time Payment

MERN Stack

Enter the market with the key to unlock state-of-the-art technologies with MERN Stack that make you infallible, ready to take technological innovation beyond the mark — no fear, doubt or confusion.
Start your future journey with a can-do attitude because our bootcamp will equip you with the right learning and training resources to gear towards expertise — the exact standard stack we use to design and build our clients’ web applications.

PKR 12,000 


PKR 30,000 

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Python + AI

Time to fully utilize the potential of the awesome programming language, Python, programmed by Guido van Rossum. Let’s see how he revolutionized website and app development, automating tasks and data analysis. Do you want to see how Python alters the old web development experience?

Let’s join our Bootcamp and embark on a journey of excellence where you can find wonders of Python that are more than you think.

PKR 12,000 


PKR 30,000 

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Fruits of Our Hard Work!

We call ourselves the best in the industry. Why? Because we have fully established stats — and they speak volumes! We have hit big together with our PureLogician due to our 16 years of hard work and dedication — you can also become its part.

16Years in the Industry

300Team Size

1000Projects Delivered

500Happy Clients

   All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.   

Albert Einstein

Why Learn with Us

Why “Us” Should be Bold, Italicized, and in Inverted Commas?

We are one of a kind software house, always ready to go the extra mile to provide our young brainers a platform where they can give a push to their journey and write a success story. that resonates with your goals. This is our first bootcamp, but not the last. Keep your fingers crossed, next time, you could be the one!

Onsite Training

No virtual, life-less face time! Get a life changing chance to learn in a real PureLogics environment, including lectures, practices, challenges, and open-floor questioning sessions.


Expert Trainers

Training by anyone? Nah, not here! Become part of a bootcamp led by a professional trainer who knows the ebb and flow of technology — been there, done that.


Learning Environment

Enter our ‘The Wizard of Oz’ kind of environment where technology is everywhere, knowledge flows in the air, and catching growth vibes is common. Isn’t it what you want?


Promising Future

With hands-on technology experience, knowledge of the tech stack, know-how of professional environment, and living an on-site culture mean one thing: your promising future lies ahead!


Fully Dedicated Floor

Get your hands on real-world projects in the starting to shine brighter! A fully dedicated floor for you that you can turn into your Dexter Lab to practice, learn and generate innovative ideas that hit big.


Best of the Best

From onboarding the best trainers, and a thriving learning environment to state-of-the-art technology, we won’t rest until you get the best in this bootcamp.



Requirements and Essentials

Join the Best than the Rest Squad — Easily!

Looking to join our bootcamp training program? No rocket science involved. Just follow the steps and become our trainee (we are waiting for you!).

  • All University Students and New Graduates
  • Filtering criteria for the selection process
  • Basic software programming and analytical skills
  • Anyone, on any English level, can get enrolled

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Have Fidgeting Questions? Feed them!

Let us answer all your admission-related questions and those you don’t know how to articulate. Don’t worry! We know your pain points and how to turn them into relief. Trust us, and we will handle the rest!


We are anchoring a high cost to organize this state-of-the-art tech subsidized bootcamp in the form of operationalizing infrastructure and mobilizing our tech expert workforce. Moreover, charging some cost will also bring seriousness in trainees and they will focus more on the subject matter.

However, despite utilizing our infrastructure and spending a lot on this bootcamp, we are charging a very low price, not to forget that we are giving 30% off to females for gender equality. PureLogics wants all members of the society to contribute in community building — it is not possible without shining together.


Yes, we offer certificates to all our successful trainees after the completion of a 3 months training session.


No, we don’t take the admission tests. However, we do take interviews to analyze basic programming knowledge and analytical skills. So, brush up on the knowledge a bit before coming for the interview for a life-changing opportunity.


We give a 100% guarantee that we have designed our curriculum meticulously, focusing on the latest and market-competitive knowledge to make you market-ready. So, we are sure that if you spend valuable 3 months with us, you will land a good job. However, it also depends on your skill set. So, we hope you spend valuable time with us and improve your skill sets.

Moreover, we would like to take on board the top performing training in our company. After all, who doesn’t like to keep their special gems with themselves (wink!)?


No, we don’t. From day one, our dedicated, expert trainer starts working on the designed roadmap so that we can cover everything within three months without any delay.