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Future of Healthcare – Medical Coding with AI

Future of Healthcare – Medical Coding with AI - PureLogics LLC
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You will find it shocking that the US healthcare system1 loses an estimated $125 billion annually as a result of medical billing errors. It is a reason medical coding with AI has started gaining popularity in the global healthcare industry. AI technologies not only automate and streamline the medical coding process but also enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall patient care. 

And around 77% of healthcare companies have already started reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence. So, the future of healthcare is surely dazzling with medical coding with AI.

In this blog article, we explore the potential of AI in medical coding, how AI is changing healthcare, and why healthcare organizations need it the most in this rapidly-evolving, data-driven world.

Difference between Medical Coding & Medical Billing

Medical coding and medical billing are two distinct jobs but interconnected components of the healthcare revenue cycle. The big Healthcare institutions hire two separate persons for these two tasks. But in most of the institutions one individual is responsible for both roles.

Medical coding is the process of updating patient health records and assigning standardized codes to diagnoses, procedures, and therapies. The goal of medical coding is to guarantee that patient information is communicated correctly among healthcare practitioners.  

On the other hand, medical billing involves translating these codes into invoices. Filling out claims with insurance companies is also part of the job of a medical biller. So, medical coding is concerned with clinical accuracy, but medical billing is concerned with financial reimbursement. 

Why AI in Medical Coding? 

Medical coding and billing have undergone multiple changes in recent years as medical treatments and procedures become increasingly complex. Therefore, healthcare companies are facing different administrative and technical problems when ensuring precision and accuracy in medical coding and billing.

AI in Medical Coding - PureLogics LLC

Manual coding processes don’t only consume more time, but are also prone to errors. It is why AI now has paramount importance in medical coding. Following are some amazing benefits healthcare organizations are enjoying due to AI in medical coding:

  • AI automates the coding process and provides a scalable solution that is less dependent on the availability of trained billing specialists.
  • AI eliminates human errors as it matches EHR data with the right medical codes with minimum manual interference.
  • AI analyzes unstructured data and collects relevant information from several EHRs within a healthcare institution. Moreover, it generates integrated patient statements, automates the billing process, and encourages patients to settle their due amounts quickly.
  • AI reduces the working hours of administrative staff. It helps them pay attention to other, more important tasks.
  • AI improves cash flow as it ensures the accurate and timely issuance of patient statements.
  • AI performs real-time audits and quickly identifies errors that need urgent correction.
  • Artificial intelligence streamlines repetitive and repeating menial tasks. Medical coders now focus on complicated problems that call for their skill set.

AI is Helping, Not Replacing the Medical Coder

The idea of AI could make some people worried about job losses. Especially when it comes to medical coding, AI was not developed to replace medical coders but to enhance their capabilities.

Medical coding has always been a daunting task because it requires understanding the medical context, documentation complexity, and continuously changing coding processes. But now, AI is like an assistant to a medical coder.

Medical coders can achieve greater productivity, accuracy, and compliance by incorporating AI technology while still playing an important role in the healthcare business. So, the future of medical coding is full of transformation and progress, not collapse.

AI Ensures Better Patient Care

Patient care lies at the heart of the healthcare industry, and AI in medical coding enhances this healthcare vision. When there is accurate and efficient coding, healthcare providers will be in a better position to allocate resources, and avoid billing errors. This is how medical coding with AI impacts patient coverage and improves patient care.

AI Ensures Better Patient Care - PureLogics LLC

You know that data overload is one of the major issues in the healthcare industry. Thanks to interpretable AI, it not only simplifies massive amounts of complex data but also synthesizes essential aspects of the data for study with recommendations and insights. This ability of AI streamlines the large volumes of healthcare data and allows doctors to ensure maximum patient care.

AI Ensures Personalized Medicine

The technological developments in Artificial intelligence allow doctors to optimize their pathways of diagnosis and prognosis, and give personalized treatment to the patients. The days of inaccuracy and inefficiency are gone; now the provision of accurate and personalized healthcare is a reality.

The use of structural and functional imaging tools now helps doctors better understand the present condition of patients. AI algorithms enable hospitals and doctors to better examine their patients’ data and tailor healthcare services to each patient based on their genes, surroundings, and lifestyle.

How AI-Powered Coding is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

Increased accuracy: AI-driven medical coding decreases the likelihood of coding errors and ensures that doctors and physicians are properly paid for the services they perform.

Efficiency and speed: Manual coding is a time-consuming task. It leads to delays in billing and reimbursements. AI automates the process of medical coding, and reduces turnaround time, and enhances cash flow.

Regulatory compliance: Medical coding must follow intricate regulatory procedures. AI algorithms can be programmed to follow the most recent coding standards, lowering the possibility of compliance-related problems.

Cost savings: The financial cost of manual coding errors is significant. Healthcare businesses may save money, streamline resources, and promote patient care programs by reducing errors.

Scalability: The difficulty of manual coding rises as healthcare services expand. AI coding scales with ease, adjusting to expanding patient data numbers and coding requirements.

Future of Healthcare – Start Medical Coding Right Now

Now, you can see that the future of healthcare is intertwined with high-quality medical coding powered by AI. Whether it is precision medicine, complicated diagnosis, or personalized treatment, using AI in the healthcare industry is the need of the hour.

The healthcare companies that have started AI medical coding have improved patient care and processes for personalized diagnoses. So, do you want to revolutionize your medical coding processes and provide the best medical treatments to your patients?

If yes, we are here to help you. We at PureLogics are dedicated to being at the forefront of this healthcare revolution. Our healthcare related Generative AI services can help your organizations better leverage the power of AI.

Talk to our AI experts and embark on a journey towards a future where innovative technologies fuel a healthier and happier world.

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