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Invest in Our Planet: How Enterprises Can Use AWS Cloud to Build a Sustainable Future

Invest in Our Planet: How Enterprises Can Use AWS Cloud to Build a Sustainable Future
Reading Time: 6 minutes

On this Earth Day, let’s discuss how you can use the AWS cloud to contribute to our planet and build a more sustainable transformation. Many experts believe that climate change is one of the most significant dilemmas of our time.

Organizations should take responsible actions to minimize their environmental effects if climate change is causing more fires, floods, droughts, and global temperatures. Shifting to the AWS cloud is a great, sustainable action a company can take for the environment.  Additionally, it helps the economics of your company as well.

As an AWS consulting partner, PureLogics is committed to assisting organizations achieve their sustainability goals through AWS cloud’s abilities. By implementing multiple technical solutions on Amazon Web Services, organizations can lessen their energy consumption, adopt paperless operations, innovate, and select sustainable infrastructure for sustainability.

In this blog, we’ll talk about numerous unique ways your business can seize practical steps to create a more sustainable future together and invest in the planet with AWS and PureLogics. You might already be using some of these practices within your organization. Other tools and services are innovative ways to leverage these tools sustainably and straightforwardly.

1. Virtual Meetings

Your enterprise is likely previously reducing its carbon footprint by transforming collaboration tools and cloud-based video conferencing rather than conducting in-person meetings, which require employees to utilize transportation. By minimizing the need to travel for events and work for your team, you directly support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. COVID-19 played a vital role in many organizations adopting these tools and technologies, bringing significant impact.

For companies interested in an AWS replacement for your current solution, here are a few of the AWS tools you can get to conduct online or virtual events and meetings:

  • Amazon Chime

A completely secure and managed content collaboration solution that can make, edit, share, and store content – also access it seamlessly from anywhere. Additionally, you can utilize Amazon WorkDocs to share and store documents securely within the cloud without fearing environmental harm. Amazon Connect

A user-friendly cloud contact center service that assists enterprises of all sizes offers quality customer service at an affordable cost. With Amazon Connect, companies can outrun the competition and fulfill customer expectations by seamlessly delivering updates to their customer experience.

  • AWS Elemental MediaLive

With a visual workflow service, developers can use AWS solutions to automate processes, create machine learning and data pipelines, create distributed apps, orchestrate microservices, and automate processes. Apart from scalability, minimized hardware waste, and reduced energy consumption, AWS Step Functions can help your organization become sustainable with the help of optimized employee utilization.

2. Sustainable Infrastructure

AWS - Sustainable Infrastructure - PureLogics Blog

Amazon Web Services cloud is the frontline for sustainable infrastructure in cloud computing. It’s committed to getting net-zero carbon emissions by 2024. It has introduced many green initiatives such as energy-efficient data centers, renewable energy sources, and sustainable infrastructure to assist enterprises in contributing and prioritizing meaningfully for a more sustainable future fit.

Here’s a list of AWS tools that your organization can use to endorse a more sustainable infrastructure:

  • AWS Config

A completely managed service that allows users to assess, evaluate, and audit the configurations of your teams or resources. AWS configuration offers sustainability benefits, including enhancing resource efficiency, boosting transparency in identifying potential areas that lower environmental impact, and improving compliance monitoring.

  • AWS CloudTrail

CloudTrail enables security monitoring, operational troubleshooting, and auditing by tracking API usage and customer activity. AWS CloudTrail assists in minimizing an organization’s carbon footprint by offering a comprehensive set of API calls and events in their AWS accounts. In addition, it will allow your company to find areas where Amazon Web Services resources are overprovisioned or underutilized, letting you lower energy and optimize resource usage, finally minimizing carbon emissions.

  • AWS CloudFormation

It’s a service that lets users manage and model infrastructure resourced securely and automatically. With this tool, you can reduce your carbon footprint by excluding physical hardware requirements while building and managing infrastructure on Amazon Web Services cloud.

3. Paperless Operation

AWS is a cloud service provider that can assist your organization in reducing paper usage by allowing digital document collaboration and management. By minimizing your paper-based workflows and processes, your business can sustainably reduce the adverse environmental impact of paper disposal and production.

Here are a few AWS tools you can utilize to minimize your paper-based workflows:

  • Amazon WorkDocs

A fully secure and managed content collaboration solution where you can build, edit, save, and share content. Additionally, you can access the content from anywhere. Businesses can utilize Amazon WorkDocs to securely save and share documents within the cloud without affecting the environment.

  • Amazon SES

An economically viable email service created on scalable and reliable infrastructure with which companies can send marketing messages, transactional emails, or some other sort of high-quality content to their consumers. You can use Amazon SES to reduce waste, ensure efficient email delivery, and reduce the company’s energy usage.

  • AWS Step Functions

Step Functions is a visual workflow solution that assists developers in utilizing AWS solutions to automate processes, create distributed applications and machine learning pipelines, orchestrate microservices, and make data. Besides scalability, lowered hardware waste, and reduced energy consumption, Amazon Web Services Step Functions will also assist your organization in becoming sustainable using optimized resource usage.  

4. Minimize Energy Consumption

Your organization can use many excellent AWS services and tools to minimize its carbon footprint and energy consumption. The AWS mentioned above tools will lower the requirement for dedicated computing teams, automate tasks, lower the necessity for physical storage tools, optimize and monitor your energy consumption of EC2 instances, and minimize dedicated computing resource usage.

Let’s see the best AWS tools that organizations can use to lower energy consumption:

  • AWS CloudWatch

This is a top-notch tracking solution for AWS resources and apps. AWS CloudWatch allows you to monitor and collect current metrics. It will assist you in reducing the company’s carbon footprint using the real-time performance of AWS, identifying underutilized resources, and enhancing resource usage.

  • AWS Lambda

A serverless compute solution that allows you to manage code in response to occasions and automatically maintain the compute resources needed by that code. It will eliminate the need to manage, scale, or provision any servers to operate your code, which can result in significant environmental benefits and cost savings. Your business can use AWS Lambda and become sustainable through efficiently scaling compute resources, minimizing hardware waste, encouraging support of renewable energy sources, and lowering energy consumption.

5. Energy- Adept Data Centers

An organization’s cloud services are fueled by data centers that consume much energy. You can use cloud services from known providers such as AWS that place importance on renewable energy sources, and your company can lower its carbon footprint and transform into a future with more sustainable energy.  

These AWS tools can help your enterprise become more conscientious about your energy intake and make our planet powered by AI:

  • AWS Trusted Advisor

It’s an agent-free administration platform that guides users in finding quality ways to enhance resource utilization in AWS instances. It finds ways to improve performance and security, optimize AWS infrastructure within the organization, strengthen sustainability practices, minimize energy consumption, and ultimately lower carbon emissions. 

  • AWS Auto Scaling

A platform that allows you to create scaling plans that can automate how teams of different resources address updates in demand. This tool automatically adapts to the capacity of AWS-given resources to correspond to your demand, omitting the requirement for manual intervention. AWS Auto Scaling ensures that anyone will use AWS resources when needed, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. 

  • Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Amazon EC2 Spot Instance is an untouched EC2 instance attainable for I90 percent fewer prices than the on-demand const. Your company can use this budget-friendly capacity to minimize energy usage and optimize resource consumption to reduce carbon emissions. 

6. Innovation for Sustainability

AWS - Innovation for Sustainability - PureLogics Blog

Your organization can utilize advanced technologies, including Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, to better resource usage, support sustainable organizational practices, and reduce waste.

These listed AWS platforms are great for accomplishing your Amazon sustainability goals:

  • AWS IoT Core

It’s a managed cloud solution that enables connected devices to securely and efficiently interact with cloud apps and other related devices. AWS IoT Core can foster unlimited messages & devices and can route and process those messages to multiple devices and AWS endpoints securely and reliably. Your enterprise can massively lower its carbon footprint through AWS IoT Core to enhance device usage by remotely controlling and monitoring its energy consumption. 

  • AWS AppSync

A quality tool lets your apps obtain the required data without any hassle. AWS AppSync assists you in building a flexible API to firmly access, use, and gather data from different sources. Through this tool, your company can enhance its AWS resource utilization by allowing real-time information synchronization, lowering data transfers, and enabling efficient application operations. 

  • Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito is a known identity management service that allows you to seamlessly add user sign-up and authenticate to your web and mobile applications. With this tool, there’s no requirement for onsite hardware. Ultimately, your company can control its infrastructure needs and expenses and reduce energy consumption. 

What’s Next?      

With constant awareness, sustainability is now one of the hottest issues of this time, and there are multiple self-imposed actions and regulations that organizations should follow to meet their compliance goals and sustainability. Your company can fulfill these demands through the AWS tools discussed above. If you need an AWS expert to help you best use AWS for a sustainable future, PureLogics can help you reach there.  

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