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May 23 2024

AI for Business Leaders

Reading Time: < 1 minute This ebook sheds light on potential AI applications, use-cases, and data-driven insights that significantly impact business operations. Download the ebook to learn about: AI Market Growth Projections Automated Business Workflows AI-powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Risks and Challenges Involved with AI

April 25 2024

Modern Commerce Playbook for Enterprises

Reading Time: < 1 minute This e-book exhibits how headless commerce adds layers of innovation, agility, customization, and modern touchpoints to augment the omnichannel customer experience. Download the e-book to know: Best-in-class benefits of headless commerce Digital experience with custom front-ends Decoupling of front-end, back-end, and APIs Modernized migration steps to commerce architecture

March 28 2024

PureLogics at LEAP 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute We experienced the most-attended tech event, LEAP 2024, with the globally leading tech experts jam-packed with multi-million dollar portfolios.   Major Themes at LEAP 2024:  Epic innovations through AI ft. DeepFest Metaverse as a linchpin of the tech industry Foundational Funding to tech Startups from tech giants Amplification of healthcare standards Download Insights to uncover how

March 26 2024

Managing Teams’ Workflows Through Jira

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this eBook, you’ll unwrap how Jira could help execute teams’ workflows, create dashboards, provide reports, and more. Download the eBook to learn about: The issues of managing remote teams Defining workflows with accurate mapping Shortcuts & hacks to make Jira work superfast Automation with Jira

January 4 2024


Reading Time: < 1 minute Brooklyn Music Factory hired PureLogics to develop a platform to offer bands, private lessons, camps, and birthday parties to students and empower music teachers. Check out BMK’s major functions that our engineers synthesized: Teachers portal to track attendance, agenda, progress report, etc Admin portal for enrolling students in music classes Family portal to get lessons,

January 4 2024

Anda Inmov

Reading Time: < 1 minute PureLogics developed a chatbot named Anda Inmov to help users get prompt answers with deep data analysis from a particular file after uploading it. Anda Inmov Major Functions:  PDF/Text files uploading Prompt answers based on content with ChatGPT4 Predefine categorization of document Data retrieval becomes easy with Chatbot Accessible to any device Technologies: Python, Langchain,

January 2 2024


Reading Time: < 1 minute MHFA leadership joined hands with PureLogics for an educational mobile app development to offer fashion design courses.  Unwrap our integrated features into MHFA:  100+ published fashion-based courses Chat options Notification service Informative news feed Quick test results Technologies: Flutter, PHP, MySql AWS, Dart, Firebase Eagerly awaiting the MHFA’s success tale? Submit the form to access

January 2 2024


Reading Time: < 1 minute DogHood connected with PureLogics to endeavor a seamless experience of socializing dogs with their community. Check out the major functions that we enabled:  Create dog profile Invite people in your particular city or area to form a neighborhood network Use the app camera to capture memories quickly Take live-action and training videos of your dog

December 26 2023


Reading Time: < 1 minute To assist real-estate investors in foreclosure property investment through high-tech solutions, REIstar leadership joined hands with PureLogics.  Explore our significant integrations for the REIstar platform:   Search bar to find properties based on city, state, etc. ATTOM data integration to fetch property details, taxes, foreclosure info, and more Integration of live Google map for the users

December 26 2023


Reading Time: < 1 minute The Maagon team connected with PureLogics to accomplish financial goals with appropriate investment strategies through FinTech software development. An overview of our integrated functionalities for Maagon:  Dashboard to do and view financial goal settings Sign-up page for US users Financial advisors to guide about financial planning Tax management with budgeting Risk tolerance assessment Investment strategies’