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February 14 2020

Is Moving To Microservice Architecture Really Worth It?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The concept of microservices has been around for quite a few years, but they are entering the mainstream now, with companies like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, and PayPal, among a few of the leading names who have already moved to microservices. Following the footsteps of these web giants are organizations of every size that

February 27 2017
Top 5 Crms In 2017

Top 5 CRM Platforms of 2024

Reading Time: 6 minutes A significant number of software is available to optimize your company’s relationship with your customers. But one can easily get lost in the rambles of arena of software solutions. We have selected some CRM systems which you will appreciate for a number of functionalities. In order to evaluate their performance, we invite you to compare

December 23 2016
What Is Real Estate Crm And Why Do You Need It

What Is Real Estate Crm And Why Do You Need It

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent studies in the real estate sector have confirmed that the out of  entire flow of visitors to sites of construction companies only 10% decided to buy after registering on the site and acquired housing within six months. The remaining 90% of potential customers continued to look for the best option. Under such circumstances, consumer