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Top 5 CRM Platforms of 2024

Top 5 Crms In 2017
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A significant number of software is available to optimize your company’s relationship with your customers. But one can easily get lost in the rambles of arena of software solutions. We have selected some CRM systems which you will appreciate for a number of functionalities.

In order to evaluate their performance, we invite you to compare the different functions they offer, the target audience for this type of software and also the price.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As its name suggests, it is a software developed by Microsoft which aims to propose an effective solution for customer relationship management through different functionalities.

Marketing and Data Analysis

It has the functionalities to develop an effective marketing strategy and create an individualized customer-business relationship. It allows the generation and sending of messages containing automatic responses according to the actions of the client.

The workflow rules are customizable according to the demands generated and the needs of the company. E-mailing and faxing are carried out after customer targeting.

Commercial documentation can be created and distributed using this software. It also carries out a competitive analysis and brings competitive intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics CRM software provides you with the ability to publish campaign performance reports and analyze the cost / revenue ratios of each of your campaigns.

Aspect Sales

The software offers optimized management of customer and prospects data. The coordinates of the contact and the history of the exchanges are integrated in order to be analyzed. It is also possible to take into account contact preferences authorized by the customer (telephone contact, emailing …).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM handles duplicates so that you do not create a biased analysis of information and do not overload your database. It also proposes the management of opportunities by converting a prospect identified as potentially interested in a product or offer.

It also ensures the sales processes by creating quotations and recording orders. Forecasts of future sales, account management and contract management with automatic updates are all advantages offered by the software.

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Target market and pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that seek to reduce their cost while developing their image through process automation to achieve optimization of their services.

There are three price offers in order to get this software. The tariff is calculated per user and per month. A large number of users will reduce the overall price of the offer. From 42 € to 168 €, the offers decline more or less advanced options. It is integrated into the Office suite and offers a really easy grip.


Developing sales, retaining customers and opening up new opportunities are the major advantages of this marketing solution. The provider of this software is based in San Francisco and is at the origin of cloud computing. They’re inspired by the international companies they works with to develop software that meets customers’ needs precisely.

Marketing and Data Analysis

In order to create a privileged contact with its customers, Salesforce creates personalized and targeted e-mails according to the customer’s profiles. Based on individual workflow rules, it allows to adapt the response sent according to the action carried out by the consumer.

Through a more intelligent customer service, it helps you to respond more quickly and precisely to the requests of the user. Then it analyzes the statistics that it develops and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, the demographic data and custom graphics.


The contact management is carried out by an automatically updated database with the option for the customer to modify their information online. You will have the option to consult the data of customers and prospects in lists segmented according to the selected criteria.

A merge account and contact utility eliminates potential duplicates. With a tracking of the data on customers and prospects, you will have a clear visibility of the opportunities and the actions to be put in place. The software also invites to the hierarchization of the accounts with a possibility of sponsorship but also the access to a detailed history of exchanges between the client and the company.

Organization of documents and information

With Salesforce, your documents are organized according to different criteria and you can not only exchange them via Outlook but also define custom alerts. Attachments can be added to illustrate a story or give more information to a collaborator.

Target audience and pricing

Salesforce gives its offerings to small, medium or large companies. The grip is easy and clear. You do not have to be a computer professional to understand how it works. Subscriptions are also degressive according to the number of users per month. You will find offers ranging from 75 € to 300 € allowing access to more or less advanced features depending on the chosen solution.

Overall it’s a very innovative software solution and the possibility to be part of a very varied community offering many advice and pertinent remarks.

Oracle Siebel CRM

CRM solution that allows to develop and execute a multi-channel campaigns.

Marketing and Data Analysis

It offers all the usual CRM functionalities like mailing, e-mailing, faxing but also allows to carry out the workflow rules and complete analyses. The following are a few of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign.


Here too, the software offers advanced contact management capabilities whether customers or prospects. The management of duplicates ensures an update of the databases without redundancy. The management of opportunities allows the transformation of a prospect into a potential customer. Account and contract management are easy to use to get started quickly.

Organization of Documents and Information

The documents are managed by the software and a tracking history is readable in the form of a Gantt chart. The available e-mail allows a quick and easy exchange.

Target market and pricing

It is suitable for all sizes of business. It takes about $ 3700 for the local software version and $ 825 for the SaaS version.

Overall it provides valuable analyses and a tool offering sales predictions.


SugarCRM is one of the top performing software and is considered the world leader in open source customer relationship management solutions. It has established itself in the environment little by little since its inception in 2004.

Marketing and Data Analysis

It offers a multi-channel management of marketing campaigns. Emailing, faxing, direct mail, SMS, all media are used to reach a targeted population according to pre-defined parameters. Workflows are adjustable and automated processes for simplicity.

Sales Force Management

The database is searchable and can be edited by all company personnel to gain valuable insight into each customer or prospect profile. The software makes it easy to manage different business leads and opportunities. Commercial activities are administered from the platform. So calls, tasks and appointments are organized more easily. The correspondence is carried out via the database and allows to work on incoming emails, automatic answers, letters or sms to the clients.

Customer support and detailed reports

Customer support centralizes the customer’s requests and notifies the indicated problems. He directs complaints to the departments concerned. Dynamic reports and dashboards allow you to predict future marketing actions and study the impact of each campaign.

Target market and pricing

This CRM platform is suitable for very small companies as well as large groups. It offers very advanced and ideal functionalities for a controlled management of relations with the client.

Rates are given on a per user and per month basis. It costs $ 40 for Sugar Professionnal and $ 150 for Sugar Ultimate, providing 24/7 support.

It has great flexibility thanks to numerous settings and its great accessibility on all the supports.

Eudonet CRM

Accessible in local mode or SaaS, this CRM solution is constantly evolving since its creation. It can be accompanied by training and a support service in order to optimize its use.

Marketing and Data Analysis

Adapted to business inputs, the marketing functionality benefits every company wishing to develop their turnover. The processes are based on e-mailing and automated but customized message postings. The commercial territories are identified by the software and can be valorised according to the needs. Dashboards and automated reporting are available to give you an accurate view of all your activities.


The solution offers the possibility of managing the contacts according to preset entries. Duplicates are managed in order to avoid faulty analysis and overload of the database. Eudonet CRM helps salespeople to have the right information at the right time and allows them to anticipate customers’ desires and expectations. Remote consultation encourages more regular monitoring of sales progress and permanent access to the necessary information.

Target market and pricing

SMEs, communities or large companies can access this platform without drowning in the various functionalities. Its interfaces and functionalities adapted to different types of businesses and various trades.

Customized CRM Software

The offerings of customer relationship management software are varied and adapted to various needs. There is no need to invest a considerable amount if the expectations are not too extensive. On the other hand, for a very large company managing an extended clientele, it is recommended to choose a software offering vast possibilities and at the sliding scale according to the number of users.

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