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Where will AI be in Next 10 Years?

Things to Expect from AI in the Next 10 Years - PureLogics LLC
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Where will AI be in next 10 years? This single question has sparked a wave of curiosity and concern, leaving even Google in awe.

Some are worried about their future, and some who are tech-friendly are curious as well as excited to hear AI updates so that they can prepare themselves in advance and stay ahead of the game.

Who are you among those? Are you the excited one? If yes, this blog post is for you. Here you will come to know the top 5 things to expect from AI in healthcare, e-commerce, digital assistants, economy and workforce, and education industry.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in and see where AI is going in the future!

Reshaped Economy & Workforce

AI and ML are, undoubtedly, going to completely reshape the economy and change the nature of jobs. 

People often search on Google, “What will be the impact of AI on the future of jobs?” It won’t be wrong to say that AI will displace many jobs, but it will also create new job opportunities for people. So, people must make sure to start learning and using AI to survive and flourish in the future.

There are many AI applications and software that are being developed for different industries like healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and retail industries. 

Businesses can use this AI technology to improve their productivity and reduce their product or service cost. So, companies that embrace the power of AI will surely gain a competitive edge over their competitors and earn unprecedented ROI.

Personalized Medical Diagnosis & Patient Care

There are multiple internationally accepted reports that claim that healthcare will be the industry experiencing the maximum AI revolution. It is only artificial intelligence that has the capacity to transform healthcare, offering error-free medical diagnoses and personalized treatment and patient care.

Personalized Medical Diagnosis & Patient Care - PureLogics LLC

How will AI provide personalized treatment? You will be glad to hear that AI and ML are so powerful that their algorithms will analyze detailed data of a patient to identify and predict diseases with zero error.

One exciting news that makes you crazy is AI’s power to study the genes of patients and tailor personalized medication for patients. 

Artificial intelligence will not only help in drug discovery but also revolutionize healthcare with its powerful telemedicine, robotic surgery, healthcare management, fraud detection, cyber security, and many other ways.

More Intelligent Digital Assistants

We all utilize AI applications in some capacity in our daily lives. The most prominent examples are digital assistants such as Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. We use these AI applications in our daily routine to perform different tasks like appointment scheduling and getting answers to our questions.

Now, these digital assistants will not only perform these tasks but will also provide personalized recommendations according to our needs and wants as AI and ML technologies are getting better.

Transforming Education

The education industry has evolved dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. COVID-19 proved to be a blessing in disguise, especially in the education sector and paved the way for several AI technologies.

Today, machine learning, facial recognition, and NLP features aid in the digitization of textbooks, the detection of plagiarism, and the assessment of student emotions. It now helps educational institutes determine which student is struggling or getting bored.  

So, now and in the future, AI will personalize the educational experience for each student.

Personalized E-commerce

The e-commerce landscape has gone through immense changes to advancements in AI and machine learning. Personalized e-commerce has always been a difficult undertaking; however, thanks to the AI revolution, this personalization process is now easier than we thought. 

Personalized E-commerce - PureLogics LLC

AI algorithms can now more efficiently analyze consumer experience (user behavior, user preferences, user purchasing pattern), allowing e-commerce companies to give personalized shopping experiences to their customers.

A few years back, high-quality customer support, which was a buzzword, is now providing instant support and recommendations to customers. Customers can now visualize their products before purchasing them, a fantastic technological advancement of virtual and augmented reality.

Moreover, the world is working on incorporating AI-driven logistics into supply chain management to improve the delivery process of products. So, artificial intelligence will enormously enhance the whole shopping experience in the next few years.

Future of AI – How will it Impact the Workforce?

According to the “The Future of Jobs Report 2020” by the World Economic Forum, AI will replace around 85 million jobs globally by the end of 2025. The same report also says AI will pave the way for 97 million AI-oriented jobs.

Now, what’s the way forward? The workforce must work on reskilling and upskilling if they want to survive and flourish in the coming AI world.

So, Shift to AI Right Now!

With zero doubts, we can see enormous growth in the use of AI over the next 10 years. Generative AI services will revolutionize multiple industries, from healthcare and e-commerce to finance and education. As a result, when transitioning to AI technology, organizations must adhere to ethical issues, maintain data privacy, and avoid bias.

We at PureLogics are specialized generative AI services company that meet the needs and demands of organizations. With our AI software development services, you can better reap the benefits of AI and get the ROI you’ve always desired.

So, don’t wait for another day. Get the personalized services of the top-rated AI software development company and take the reins of your industry with confidence.

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