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Efficiency and Flexibility: Why Remote Developers Are the Way Forward

Remote Developers
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Hiring remote developers to build software solutions is a trend that’s transforming how organizations hire. The trend will continue to rise because businesses can hire remote development teams to gain more efficiency and flexibility.

Recent research has revealed that around 61.3% of enterprises find working in different time zones easier. Meanwhile, about 37.1% said it’s easier to achieve goals by hiring part-time staff. You must know how to get the most benefit from remote technology. Developers can provide top-notch services regardless of location when you provide the right tools.

We’ll explain why employing remote developers is the way forward for businesses, highlighting the benefits and ways to overcome possible challenges.

The Changing Dynamics of Work 

Remote work was rare a few years ago. One in three organizations polled said that around 20% or fewer developers preferred remote jobs before the pandemic. And about 10.4% of companies said they have full-time developers working remotely.

Nevertheless, teleconferencing and telework technology have transformed so that numerous firms can successfully collaborate and hire remote development teams.

The reason driving its growth? Remote working benefits employers and employees alike. Programming centers around complex algorithms and mathematical software. Consequently, it demands high levels of focus and concentration.

The traditional offices and workplaces may be too loud and full of interruptions. Hence, working remotely is the preferred choice. Startups and businesses of all sizes have adopted the remote work culture. The onslaught of Covid-19 was the primary driver of the practice.

However, remote working provided benefits and strategies that extended beyond the pandemic and assisted companies in achieving work-life balance. The shift to remote working has considerably reduced spending on networking and security.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

Remote working in software development offers immense advantages. For instance: 

Higher Productivity 

In-house developers are normally bound to a limited schedule, e.g., a 9-5 time limit. With employees’ lack of flexibility, you can end up ruining the quality of your project. However, remote development teams work on their schedule and ensure higher productivity.

They offer flexible working hours and enable faster turnaround times and seamless development processes. More than 60% of managers claim that enabling remote work enhances developers’ productivity. 

Better Collaboration

Every project needs effective and adequate collaboration among teams. Remote work encourages using communication tools and platforms like video conferencing, online chats, and file sharing. Around 51% of team members claim scheduling meetings is simpler in remote work.

It allows employees to stay updated and connected with the project’s progress. You can improve collaboration, overcome geographical barriers, and get viable development results with remote development teams. 

Global Pool of Talent 

Businesses don’t have to bind themselves to local talent while hiring developers. You can enjoy working with software engineers across the globe without bothering about the related relocation staff expenses. You do not have to confine yourself to local talent when you hire developers.

You can easily work with software engineers globally without worrying about the associated relocation staff costs. There are unlimited benefits to hiring remote software engineers, including access to a global talent pool and lower development costs. You can find affordable resources from different countries at lower salaries. 

Improved Innovation

The best way to get improved innovation within your development project is to form a skilled team of developers. Through remote hiring, you can leverage multiple technologies and tools without contributing to extensive equipment.

When a business creates a flexible and learning-based environment for developers, it gets easier for them to test and implement innovative solutions. When you hire a remote development team, the resources are likely more focused on offering sound and cutting-edge technical solutions. 

Tips to Overcome Remote Development Team Challenges 

The perks of hiring remote development teams are as evident as ever, but there are challenges, too. While remote developers are more productive, they also face difficulties. Here is a list of obstacles and ways to tackle them easily. 

Manage Productivity 

Did You Know

Many organizations don’t like remote work because they think employees will slack without proper management. But in reality, it’s the complete opposite because remote development sometimes causes teams to overwork.  

When developers have deadlines, they lose track of time, especially when working the night shift. Around 47% of remote developers find balancing meetings and work simultaneously challenging.

Schedule well-structured check-ins to support employees and monitor their project progress. Discuss teams’ struggles and challenges, offer quality solutions to their queries, and ensure a streamlined development procedure.

Schedule Coordination 

Forming a remote development team can help you approach diverse talent and connect with industry experts worldwide. However, when you partner with an IT hiring company, the team may work in other time zones.

The time difference is sometimes good because the team can manage work and efforts efficiently. However, meetings, collective activities, and training sessions can take time and effort. Teams need to learn how to function cohesively regardless of their physical distance. 

Build Connections 

Traditional approaches are needed to foster company culture when managing a distributed and global workforce. For example, in-house events and benefits are sometimes inaccessible to some team members. Forming a warm and positive collective vibe is crucial to achieving desirable results with remote teams.

Remote developers can create powerful relationships with the appropriate management support. Offering regular updates on company goals, group announcements, and progress and organizing video conferences can unite teams and ultimately enhance results and understanding.  

Ensure Consistent Communication 

Consistent and transparent communication is essential to a project’s success, as it can form or break teams. Your communication style, manager, and frequency are essential for a distributed workplace. Things can easily go awry regarding virtual tools because employees can misinterpret emails.

You can avoid such issues by making thoughtful adjustments and integrating quality remote communication practices. For example, you can start prompting one-on-one calls or meetings to understand individual employees better. This practice will ensure everyone stays on the same page. You should also define communication expectations and select a centralized place for interpersonal interactions and general updates.  

Accountability and Trust 

Even if you hire professional IT staff who work from home, there’s no guarantee they won’t slack off or be distracted. Accountability and trust are the most important factors in remote working.

Although the perks of hiring remote software engineers make these concerns bearable and allow businesses to balance effective oversight and smothering scrutiny.

You should avoid micromanaging and constantly bugging developers for updates without reason. This affects their productivity and imbalances their working style. It’s essential to set your expectations clearly on how you’ll manage the development team from the beginning. 

Coordinate Projects and Tasks  

Managing different schedules, workloads, and time zones creates additional problems when coordinating tasks and projects. Lack of coordination can result in delayed projects and wasted resources.

You should ensure that all developers are equally involved in the work and understand their part in achieving the goal. Organizations should set up meetings to define a project’s scope, timeline, and object to start the process without any confusion. Additionally, you should make more efforts to stay in the loop with the team. 

Build Way Forward for your Business with Remote Developers 

The remote work trend is growing, and enterprises have realized its potential. Staffing remote developers has become a necessity to succeed in the global marketplace. Access to skilled developers globally and reduced costs are major reasons for the sudden growth of hiring remote teams.

Workforce turnover could be better for your organization. Companies dedicate resources and time to recruiting teams. Remote teams, on the other hand, invest in maintaining a maximum employee retention rate.  

Developers give more time to companies than employees working in a traditional office setting. If you provide flexibility and work-life balance, then it’ll increase their loyalty and job satisfaction. If you hire remote teams, you can focus on core functions. Furthermore, it’ll reduce the burden of IT teams and allow them to work on significant operations.

You won’t need to manage an in-house development team, which will ultimately save overhead costs. Additionally, you can expect better customer experiences and product quality when differentiating between remote developers and in-house employees.

Remote work has transformed the way companies work, as it offers versatile opportunities for developers to work in a way that aligns with their personal and professional goals. According to a recent study, around 64% of remote working team members want to choose this practice permanently or at least a few days a week. But, only 12% wanted to work on-site.

Remote working option in software development creates a conducive and inclusive workplace culture and let individuals from different backgrounds present their skills and perspectives globally. 

How is PureLogics your Perfect Remote Development Partner?

Finding professional and reliable remote developers isn’t easy. That’s why you need an industry expert to help you find the perfect team of developers based on your unique project needs.

PureLogics is a leading IT staff augmentation company, and we specialize in offering highly skilled remote development services. Our IT professionals can help you create a successful project without causing any gaps.

You can tell our experts your needs, and we’ll help you form a perfect remote development team that aligns with your goals. By collaborating with us, you will get cost-effective solutions, higher productivity, and more turnaround times. Here are the top benefits of working with PureLogics: 

Top benefits of working with PureLogics

Highly-skilled Talent 

You can access highly talented developers and domain experts after hiring us.

Efficient Scaling 

Will your business expand with time? No worries. We allow you to hire remote engineers from our readily attainable talent pool so you can scale your project team whenever needed. 

Quick Hiring Process 

We’re the perfect fit if you need to hire quickly to kick-start your development process. Our quick hiring process means you can hire within 48 hours. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We have a highly satisfactory client base and offer talent based on your requirements. 


The demand for expert developers continues to increase with rising technological advancements. You should never limit yourself when hiring IT talent because there’s a global range of experts. It’s time businesses recognized the potential of staffing professional developers and got ahead.

Embracing this trend will allow you to access top global skills, improve efficiency, and gain greater flexibility. Remote work is transforming software development by offering advantages beyond expectations.

Embracing the new normal will enable you to access a pool of top talent, improve productivity, and decrease overhead costs. Do you want to get started? Schedule a call with PureLogics experts today! 

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