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Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends – Part 1

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends - Part 1
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Gone are the days when learning was limited to classrooms and people had to be confined to a specific geographical location for their academic achievements. Today, technology has lifted a lot of constraints that were deemed inevitable for effective learning in past.

However, I’m not going to harp on the same old string of “How things were before the technology took over” since we still are looking forward to future progress.

We have indeed come a long way in terms of learning and teaching methodologies but still the best thing that we can flaunt is eLearning that enables the students and teachers to carry out teaching and learning activities while staying geographically far apart.

We could have taken pride in this chunk of evolution a few years ago but not anymore. Especially when many students and teachers still struggle with the design and functionalities of their eLearning portals.

People can switch to eLearning for many reasons but the most common reason for all learners is ease and comfort. Enterprise mobility focuses primarily on this aspect of comfort and there are quite a few things that can be offered to the modern eLearning sector. Some of these have the potential to revolutionize the entire eLearning system so let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Credible content delivery, monitoring and assessment system:

A good mobility application allows students, teachers and institution to share content using their mobile or tablet so they can spend more time on learning than trying to search and access the information. The best part of mobility solutions is the centralized data that can be accessed by teachers, students and institution from anywhere on the planet.

The monitoring system enables institution and teachers to develop a learning roadmap, effectively monitor the progress and prevent plagiarism. A modern mobility app will ensure that there is no identity theft during exams or use of any illegal means. This mobility feature can be used especially in institutions providing testing and assessment services to make sure that the process is fair and foolproof.

Interactive learning practices:

Both mobility and eLearning are about interaction. A good mobility app allows as many interactive tools as possible and this translates into improved response from the students. For example a touch to write tool will not only boost students’ interest and response in a learning session but also save the cost of notebooks and paper.

The younger students can also be urged to draw and submit objects so they will have more fun while learning and ultimately produce better results. Institutions can also use automated interactive tools to record answers and produce instant results. This will reduce the manual effort and make the process fast and crystal clear.

User friendly design:

For eLearning, you need to have a great design to get your message apart. We know our traditional textbooks have monotonous designs and this is one of the reasons many students cannot focus on text for long.

Enterprise mobility for eLearning is basically focused on making the learning process easy and interesting as maintaining students’ interest is a bit challenging when you are not in close geographical proximity. Therefore, a mobility app with a great design can maintain students’ interest and help every stakeholder achieve their goals despite of geographical constraints.

Meeting the challenges:

Teaching can be safely dubbed as one of the most challenging tasks in the world. You have to define goals, design roadmap, convey your message in the most effective manner and assess the results. However, enterprise mobility makes teaching considerably easier by gamifying the whole process.

You can have quizzes, draws and quick assignments that resemble games and this can dramatically change the face of traditional teaching practices with the promise of much better outcomes.

The quizzes and quick assignments can serve the eLearning purpose on so many levels as they not only make learning super cool but also help teacher assess the students’ performance.

Emerging trends:

With the fast growing technology we have seen new emerging trends in enterprise mobility that hold a considerable value in eLearning. The list goes as:

· Mobility becoming an integral part of eLearning
· The eLearning apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere and through any mobile device.
· Shifting the mobility apps on cloud

With the above trends, it is quite clear that mobility is soon going to be an integral part of eLearning all around the world and it will no longer be an option but a necessity. With time, the demand and progress of eLearning apps will keep growing and more features shall be introduced by the stakeholders and creative minds to keep the pace of learning harmonized with technology.


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