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August 23 2022

Native Vs Hybrid App Development? It’S Complicated

Reading Time: 4 minutes What’s the best way to create an app? Let’s get started with a detailed comparison of Native vs hybrid App Development. Should you go with a native development approach, using tools and code specifically for the platform you’re targeting? Or is hybrid development the better option, using web technologies that will work on any device?

June 23 2022

6 Tips To Help You Excel At Mobile App Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes The curve of mobile app downloads is sky-rocketing across the globe. A massive hike of 258 billion app downloads is expected by the end of 2022 and that would be the much-needed break-thru for mobile app development agencies. Read on to learn about the important tips that will help you make the most of your

January 18 2021

Bringing Tech To Life: Purelogics Develops Apps For The Future

Reading Time: 2 minutes When using mobile devices, we spend 88% of our time on apps — that number increases yearly. Annual mobile app downloads can reach 258 billion by 2022, statistics show. If you own an app or plan to develop one, this is certainly good news for you. To tap into this lucrative market, you must have

January 27 2020

Mobile App: The Heart Of The Insanely Fast Moving Online Retail

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the continued uptrend in online retail and the increasing use of smartphones among consumers, retailers all over the globe are forced to reconsider their strategy and explore in more detail the deviating interest, the preferred way of online shoppers – that’s via mobile apps. It’s very convenient for consumers to reach for their mobile

May 8 2018
18 Common Ux Design Methods And Techniques To Be Followed

18 Common Ux Design Methods And Techniques To Be Followed

Reading Time: 3 minutes One must consider user experience (UX) while attracting visitors and customers to any website. So, without wasting any time, let us discuss the latest methods and techniques, on which the UX designers focus in order to create a pleasant experience for the visitors/users. Ready, Set, Go! Value proposition: The value proposition is a statement that maps

August 3 2016
A Futuristic View Of Augmented Reality

A Futuristic View Of Augmented Reality

Reading Time: 3 minutes A couple of years ago one of my friends discussed her idea of using augmented reality in education but it was a novelty for many people at that time and I was skeptic if her idea could ever be materialized, however, I wished her luck for the wishful thinking (at least it looked like wishful

July 29 2016
10 Interesting Mobile App Design Trends [Part 2]

10 Interesting Mobile App Design Trends [Part 2]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Continued. 6. Simple soft colors Observation suggests that majority of the smartphone users prefers the simple range of colors, which have soft contrast. This is a natural consequence of the omnipresent minimalist and flat design of mobile applications. However, the colors are chosen based on current trends (in the color palette Pantone Spring 2015 preference

July 28 2016
10 Interesting Mobile Apps Design Trends [Part 1]

10 Interesting Mobile Apps Design Trends [Part 1]

Reading Time: 5 minutes With the development of mobile applications – from Uber to Vine – we are gradually beginning to understand how trends in the mobile applications designs were formed over a decade. Many factors influence how mobile applications are perceived by the laymen- this year, for example, we have seen huge screen phones aka phablets in conjunction

July 22 2016
Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends - Part 2

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends – Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes Continued. Following the previous post “Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 1”, we know mobility has a lot of potential to improve the learning and teaching practices all over the world. But we are not finished yet as there is much more to mobility than meets the eye. Let’s

July 20 2016
Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends - Part 1

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gone are the days when learning was limited to classrooms and people had to be confined to a specific geographical location for their academic achievements. Today, technology has lifted a lot of constraints that were deemed inevitable for effective learning in past. However, I’m not going to harp on the same old string of “How