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6 Tips To Help You Excel At Mobile App Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The curve of mobile app downloads is sky-rocketing across the globe. A massive hike of 258 billion app downloads is expected by the end of 2022 and that would be the much-needed break-thru for mobile app development agencies.

Read on to learn about the important tips that will help you make the most of your app development efforts and never miss out on this amazing opportunity that the mobile market has to offer.

Tip # 1: Taste your own medicine first

For app developers, it’s time to say goodbye to the old strategies of 2021 and take some sharp notice of all the builds with more beta testers for the beta versions. It’s a universal phenomenon that everyone should experience the same as they have given to others. So, why rely on a small QA team when you can test your build with the beta testers? 

What smart developers should do is: create a smart flow by finalizing a build and sending it to all the teammates for the feature testing. In this way, the beta version can be tested within the premises.

Tip # 2: Focus on blockchain technology

It’s all about security and end-to-end encryption! One of the swift moves in mobile app development services is the addition of blockchain technology. The unauthorized use of data and security breach has always been a nightmare for the developers. 

Blockchain acts as a life savior by rectifying the security issues with decentralized databases. For 2022 and beyond, let’s take a resolution that we would back the future of blockchain technology in order to ensure the security of users’ data and digital transactions with end-to-end encryption.

Tip # 3: Focus on the app’s speed

Robustness is the key for an app developer! Let’s jump into the tricky life of a developer where he has to inculcate millions of features, focus on the app’s core features, spend more time and effort, and add more value to the app. Behind this life cycle, there is one major thing that should not be left out is the speed and compatibility of a mobile app. 

The major goal of a developer should revolve around the user’s journey rather than cluttering things in the name of features. Most users uninstall the app if they find it slow, busy, cluttered, less responsive, or it doesn’t provide up-to-the-mark functionalities.

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Tip # 4: Focus on app store optimization

Chase the ace with ASO because it optimizes your app and gives your app a limelight in the app stores. With the likes of dual algorithms of Google Play Store and Apple App Store, ASO is your one-man army as it targets your specified keywords that you stuff in-app store listings and make your app more visible and reachable to the audience. On a growth note, app store optimization plays a pivotal role in helping your app to reach more users organically. 

Tip # 5: Focus on upgrading your skills

To achieve something big, one has to hustle hard and stay up-to-date with advanced skills and technology. The dynamics keep on changing to and fro so app developers should master new skills, pay attention to webinars and seminars, attend virtual training, and focus on career growth. 

This year, all the developers should have to connect with professionals/technopreneurs and upgrade their selves with available resources. Some of the online resources include Udemy, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning Platform, Google Developers Training, and much more. It’s time to buckle up your shoes and keep an eye on the resources fruitful for your long run.

Tip # 6: Focus on embedding more creative post-install events

The main motive of mobile app development is to bring colors to the overall user’s journey and the developer is a custodian of the interface. Initially, the success of an app lies in the number of app installs. What is next to app install should be the post-install events so that more and more users can be retained out of the number of downloaders. For example, if you are developing an eCommerce app then your post-install events should be “add to cart”, “checkout”, “buy”, etc.

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