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Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends – Part 2

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Educational Trends - Part 2
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Following the previous post “Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 1”, we know mobility has a lot of potential to improve the learning and teaching practices all over the world. But we are not finished yet as there is much more to mobility than meets the eye.

Let’s have a look at the global stats regarding mobility to find out how it has already influenced the eLearning industry.

In 2014 the number of mobile devices surpassed the total number humans and many of them prefer to access internet and content using their smartphones.

2015 saw substantial growth in eLearning industry and according to a careful estimate, the US eLearning industry alone was worth $7.8 million dollars that year. With a significant growth rate like this, it is estimated that this industry will level up to $37.6 million with a whopping 36% increase.

There are organizations that have already identified the opportunity and not less than 47% of the educational organizations have already adopted enterprise mobility. 58% Americans prefer to learn on mobile when the content is short. This is one of the reasons that mobility is becoming such a hype in eLearning industry.

Mobility and language learning:

All known online language learning portals have launched their mobile apps to make the process faster and more user-friendly. A research conducted by an independent US journal suggests that more than 75% Americans prefer to learn while performing other everyday activities i.e. exercising, traveling, waiting in line, in the bathroom etc.

This provides a great opportunity to the language teaching organizations to approach their target audience the way they want. A mobile application facilitates everyone willing to learn a new language while continuing with their daily routine.

The adult learners’ behavior suggest that they are more likely to enroll in a program or course if it does not meddle with their existing routine. This is indeed a lucrative opportunity for the language teachers and organizations to invest in.

PureLogics has the experience of over 10 years in building mobility applications and our team has has helped many organizations achieve their goals. If you have any questions regarding enterprise mobility for eLearning, contact us and we’ll get back to you in 24 business hours.

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