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MEAN Stack Development: The Rising Buzz in the Programming World

MEAN Stack Development: The Rising Buzz in the Programming World
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new trends and discoveries in the field of information and technology, and these developments have led to an extremely vicious toe-to-toe competition between the IT driven businesses in the marketplace.

A common term which has notoriously dug deep inroads in our lives for the last few years is open source software patterns. This advancement in the IT niche was previously well-known for a technology stack called the LAMP – including Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

However, this rather traditional term has been taken over by a new buzzword in town; MEAN stack. Let us discuss why MEAN stack is gaining such fame in the marketplace, starting with what it actually is based upon!

What is MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN stack is basically an abbreviated term for an anthology of four different programming languages i.e. MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. There are a number of different platforms which are providing services in all of these coding languages combined, however, there is a lot more to MEAN stack than what people already know of!

  • MongoDB:

This database does not have any SQL. In order to represent data, MongoDB used JSON style documents, and allows you to use a single language throughout the journey.

  • Express.js:

Being the HTTP server framework, Express.js is primarily used for website applications, and provides a full list of modules and components, which can be used to work upon several common tasks over the website.

  • Angular.js:

Maintained by Google and used to develop single page applications with the help of MVC architecture, Angular.js is basically a frontend JS framework, which helps in developing a number of different complex client-side applications.

  • Node.js:

Node.js is initially used to develop extremely fast and scalable web applications, and is referred to as a concurrent environment of JavaScript. Perfect for most real time applications, this language is extremely lightweight and fast.

Why MEAN Stack Development?

  • Single Language Development Drive:

In MEAN stack, the entire code is written in JavaScript. Going back in time, the LAMP stack was basically written in PHP, MySQL queries were used and JavaScript was used on the client’s end. However, in MEAN stack, people only need to hire a JavaScript Developer. Although MongoDB is not.js and is written in BSON format; it is just another binary coded version of JSON – which is JavaScript Object Notation.

  • Isomorphic Coding:

If you’ve made a specific code in a certain framework, and you’re in the mood to move it to another framework as it is, MEAN stack allows you to do that. The code can easily be moved and it runs almost with the same brilliance as on the original framework.

  • Improved Usability and Speed:

Due to a non-blocking architecture at its end, Node.js is comparatively faster and is also scalable to a certain ratio. The powerful directives of this amazing framework have the tendency to evolve into a domain-driven language and provide exceptional testability.

  • Extensive Flexibility:

MEAN stack allows users to store their personal information, by adding a field to their form and turning up the content with the JSON documents. Unlike MySQL, the users do not have to create a table, and can also use other engaging features such as automatic replication and storing data over cloud etc.

  • Cheaper Disk Space:

Along the lines of some of the greatest revelations relevant to relational databases in the marketplace, JOIN was a term which gained noticeable fame in a short time span. JOIN allowed engineers and programmers to keep their disk space in control.

However, as designers started untangle their data, JOIN became too slow to work with. In this case, MongoDB became the best alternate option, which is also being delivered in MEAN stack itself!

The Bottom Line:

Technology stack has been one of the most famous terms in the IT realm for over a decade now. It started to grow with the introduction of LAMP – and today, it has become a major reason of most businesses turning towards the world of technology.

MEAN stack is the latest entry in this niche, and it has made a name for itself due to the exceptional speed and flexibility it offers.

When it comes to firms offering MEAN stack services, PureLogics certainly stands out. We have seasoned and zealous professionals, with years of experience in technology stack, including MEAN stack. For more details, get in touch with us today!

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