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The Future Is Cross-platform – One Code, Multiple Benefits

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To get an idea of the need for one codebase, just look at the ever-growing diversity in digital devices. We have smartphones, tablets, laptops, cars, and smart watches, among others. Apart from your phone, all other devices also need apps. 

Enter cross-platform app development.

In this complicated scenario, the cross-platform mobile app development approach allows you to deploy applications irrespective of the different operating systems and devices. It’s clearly the future.

But the purpose of this write-up is to give you a rundown of some of the top gains your business can achieve using the cross-platform mobile development for your next project.

Wider target audience

One codebase that’s compatible with different devices and platforms, gives your company the opportunity to reach a wider audience base.

 It makes your mobile app to be equally available to iOS and Android devices; which means the increased app visibility as well as the increased amount of revenue generated in the future.

On the other hand, if you see native apps, they come out to be platform restricted. Which means your mobile application only reaches a specific part of the community.

Chance to get to the market fast

Developing the code only once means you have a single script ready that can be used by a team of developers; thus leading to quicker app development.

With a wide-range of ready-made components available, the developer will not be spending that much time as required in creating a native application. And this quicker development time goes on to cut the time to market.

When your product has a chance to enter the market sooner, it can help you gain market control, something which is very significant for such high competitive industries as banking and logistics.

It involves fewer costs and faster turnaround 

Now, in contrast to native application, your business is investing their resources to design a code only once and will also not need to spend a lot of money on new tools to integrate the app across different devices; this in a way helps to save your company or startup a budget.

The faster development also means improved efficiency, less time spent on app development, and more money left inside your business’ pocket. Plus, because you have a high chance to launch your product at a quicker pace, it can lead to faster turnaround as well.

It offers flexibility and seamless implementation of updates

Cross-platform frameworks offer a great degree of flexibility and provide developers with up to 90% of code reusability when publishing apps on different platforms.

Due to a bundle of cross-platform frameworks that are available, the process of adding new features and making updates is also made a breeze. Furthermore, the one codebase tends to make it easier for new developers to read and understand the code.

There is uniform user experience

Last but not least, with the cross-platform mobile app development there’s ensured a satisfying and a similar user experience across different devices and platforms; thanks to the massive collection of widgets and custom components.

When different consumers are on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and so forth, your mobile app comes with an exact look and feel to all of them, while minimizing any design or navigation inconsistencies. 

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