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How Mobility Is Changing The Game Of eCommerce

How Mobility Is Changing The Game Of eCommerce
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The development of technology is influencing the role of the internet with an astonishing expansion while at the same time retail stores and businesses are diverted to the World Wide Web as eCommerce and online shopping. There was a time when online shopping was considered to be unsecure and risky, but… time has changed; now eCommerce is considered as time saving and convenient shopping across the globe.

Lately eCommerce industry started to shift its attention towards mobiles because number of mobile phone users is also increasing rapidly with the passage of time. Other than the adaptation of mobile devices, mobile technologies are also evolving and getting better.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to enhance the user experience and provide them the exact requirements they are looking for while maintaining their online business presence.

It is astonishing the way eCommerce is evolving to the mobile eCommerce. You can see smartphones and other mobile technologies/devices are taking the place of laptops and computers for common purposes like shopping or purchasing etc.

According to experts, “Purchase of tablets and mobile phones is going to be double by 2018.”

That is the reason in future more and more people are going to use mobile devices to buy online and will be officially declared as a mobile activity.

In short, “on the go” customers are taking part in evolving the role of retail purchasing and buying.

Mobile First: The Next Generation’s Tool

Since all of U.S consumers devote half of their daily time on retail websites through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is a big indicator for business people to optimize their mobile eCommerce to capture the remaining market shares.

Yes, it is true that mobile eCommerce is changing the reality of eCommerce and becoming an uncontrollable external factor for businesses.

It is the job of business/retailer to understand the requirements to create a frequent shopping experience for the user no matter how, either it is by developing an app or optimizing a mobile website.

Preference for responsive website designs

As the world is changing more people are using the internet through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones instead of computers, as a result, customers are expecting the same level of experience and functionality of online shopping via mobile devices as they used to get from eCommerce websites.

Websites that have good repute, reach, and visibility across the internet and have not adapted the methods, layouts, and responsive designs are declining towards low. Web sites with less reach and repute with responsive designs and layouts are getting preference as compared to their competitors.

Shopping with the Tip of Finger

In past years of online shopping and internet, customers had to make sure either they are sitting in front of laptop or desktop or at some place where they could access the internet to buy anything.

However, mobile developments have made a huge impact on these difficult and time taking online shopping. Now consumers can easily engage in online shopping via mobile devices and what they need is sufficient signal and reception anywhere to indulge in it.

Let’s take an example; an office guard can easily place an order for groceries from a mobile phone at his doorstep without going to any shop or asking someone to let him use his/her computer to place an order. He can simply take out his phone from the pocket and can place it during his lunch break.

Payment Supports with Mobile Apps

In old times, online shoppers had few payment options while purchasing. They had to physically log into bank accounts to transfer funds or had to enter credit card detail to buy anything online. However, hosts of new payment apps have emerged online payment facilities like Google Wallet, PayPal, Western Union, and Amazon Payments etc.

With these features, now users can make payments through their mobile with few clicks. Plus these features also provide security to users’ funds because they do not have to give credit card detail.

Easiest Way to Compare Price

Previously, customers used to rely heavily on flyers on a weekly basis to aware customers about new prices and for price comparison, so they could get the best deal out of them. However, in one of the most useful developments in eCommerce/mobile devices is the launch of price comparison applications.

These applications permit the customers to receive notifications on their mobile devices concerning different stores who offer best or low prices regarding the products they are willing to buy. These apps have very interesting features like getting the product detail and prices of different retailers by just simply taking the photo of the barcode and uploading it.

As you can see with the development of mobile technologies retailer must have to evolve according to the customers’ mindset by investing in their integrity and following the mobile leads. In the future, the businesses who will adapt to the frequent integration between brick-and-mortar, online website, social media, mobile website, and mobile applications, will be the game-changer of that time.

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