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Opencart Integration With Payment Gateway: Know Your Options

Opencart Integration With Payment Gateway: Know Your Options
Reading Time: 3 minutes

First, let me give you a brief overview of payment integration gateways and what are these used for… it is pretty simple to understand the role of gateways, and you do not have to learn the zigzagged technical stuff.

Payment integration gateway is used for eCommerce applications to enable the payment services like credit card payments for online businesses or retailers.

Customers’ sensitive information and details are stored in websites such as passwords, credit card details, credit card numbers etc. plus they also ensures protection of data and secure lines. It also allows to transfer detailed info between payment portals.

Okay! now let us talk about OpenCart… it is an open source technology as eCommerce application to enhance the online shopping experience by providing a very flexible e-shopping cart system. The finest thing about this platform is its UI/UX, which makes it user friendly, frequent operative, satisfactory, and intuitive for online customers.

It has so many further features like built-in payment gateways, order management, marketing tools, application updates, and full-time support. It also permits the users to get seamless experience by delivering the multiple functionalities and features at the same time.

Best OpenCart Payment Integration Gateways

Here we came up with 5 of the best OpenCart payment integration gateways.


Even the 7 year old these days are well aware of it, PayPal is the leading digital payment processor across the world. It has presence in more than 193 countries with 140+ million users. PayPal payment integration gateway is being used by thousands of eCommerce businesses as well.
PayPal gives the authority to use its standard PayPal package/account with OpenCart account, or for more versatile kind of payments can use PayPal website payments pro. In the end it will even give you the facility to customize the checkout pages, so you can make your brands more appealing easy for your users.


Realex payment integration gateway does not have any kind of setup charges! It feels like a rocket launching from a shuttle straight to the moon. This gateway provides 3D authentication to secure customers information and details, along with fraud prevention tools to provide top level security.

This gateway does not only handle payments by using different cards but it is also optimized for mobile users. It even gives you full authority over transactions with the features to manage your order accordingly. You can cancel, refund and settle your orders directly by single or few commands. Realex payment gateway also offers you the free service for a full month to novice OpenCart users.


Billions of transactions have been carried out on eWAY over the past few years. This payment integration gateway has been receiving transactions from across the globe while maintaining its protocols by providing PCI-DSS level one protection for all users.

According to marketing experts eWAY is a great alternative for the famous PayPal payment gateway, eWAY has a fine feature of letting user complete payment process on the same site instead of leading them to the hosted page or website.

Plus they also charge less transaction fee as compared to other known gateways like PayPal, without tying you to a contract and any kind of hidden charges. Moreover, it also provides transaction management tools, instant refund, subscription payments and 24/7 customer support.


This payment gateway (WorldPay) is the largest online payment service provider in the world; they carry out more than 12 million transactions everyday. They offer reasonable transaction fee plus directly comes with OpenCart software for free.

Also, Worldpay payment integration gateway provides PCI 1st level security while maintaining 3D authentication, by protecting the customers’ details and information. WorldPay help desk also provides the 24/7 full and free support. They give further benefits to the users like discounts on shipping costs, PIN readers, and Chip etc.


PayPoint is the subdivision of a UK firm known as PayPoint PLc. They are famous for carrying out more than 700 million transactions each year. It is used by thousands of online business websites in Europe and United States; they cater to all types of business categories ranging from SMBs to corporations.

The PayPoint payment also comes free with the OpenCart, and they process all kind of payment cards like debit card and credit card plus online cash payments as well. This gateway has very authentic fraud prevention features to provide high security standards. It is highly stable and dependable system with 99% uptime.

PayPoint is even used by many banks in European region; in these banks you can find several merchant accounts that work great because of PayPoint payment gateways. They also provide customer support to guide you through any kind of difficulties related to payment processing.

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