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Free Ios Programming Tips For Rookies

Free Ios Programming Tips For Rookies
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you trying to figure out your iOS app? Where are you going to start it and how are you going to start your iOS development? Confused because of many variations in programming languages? Have to fill up your head with many frameworks and perfect coding?

We know how you feel! When you are about to dive inside the pool of iOS development but still not sure about the landing spot and volume of splash you are going to create.

In simple words you are looking for a simple way to start your iOS development, not sure about the results and impacts of it. You need to learn few free tips to make your iOS development much smoother and sweeter. Here you can find few tips that can be really helpful for iOS development rookies.

Get yourself an iPhone to feel, learn and understand it

If you are looking forward to learn about anything, the best and first practice is to get hold of that thing. So to start iOS development you must get an iPhone for yourself to understand its features and functionalities. Try to use it on often basis and get a firm grip on all of its features.

By doing it you will be able to know all ins and outs of iOS, will be well aware of its pros, cons and pain points. In order to develop a great app you have to put yourself in the customers’ shoe and to put yourself in their shoe you have to use that device.

The best example of it, if you haven’t driven a car or haven’t owned one… you cannot design or manufacture a better version of a car.

Understand user before development

When you come up with the idea of developing a great app do not forget about your users and their needs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because this app is intended for them. This particularly means you have to work on design and frontend development by considering the user experience and user interface. Not only the single page’s UI and UX, you have to focus on other different screens and functions as well.

The app’s should be smooth and simple that it would make the users’ life easier instead of making it more difficult. Always focus on achieving the ultimate goal, so it would allow the users to have what they were looking for and what they were willing to do without any hurdle. If your app has complicated menus, a not-so-user-friendly-interface or anything else that can potentially cause difficulties, will drive the users away from your application.

Use known tools in initial stages, then go for new techs

You can find so many known tools, frameworks, and other known devices which are specifically used for the iOS development to make app development faster, reliable and smoother. Other than that you can also find so many new technologies being launched on daily bases.

It is definitely worth your while to grasp and understand the basic ideas related to the iOS development and then seek the core knowledge about technologies and software… but always remember to start things as a beginner before starting your journey as an iOS developer.

Yes new technologies are always so shiny and attractive but everything that glitters is not gold, and every gold does not always shine. These new technologies are mostly used for trendy and seasonal development.

Always go for the known development tools to grasp the idea of basic programming such as Xcode, so you can get the knowledge you are looking for and can even go for these sparkling new technologies as well. It is a known fact, if you know the basics of anything then you can easily master it later but if you are not aware of basics then you cannot master it.

Never forget to organize and label your code and files

As you know to build an app you are going to need a lot of files and codes. It is very important for a developer to organize stuff around him/her and stay organized as he/she is going to develop the applications. This is essential for rookies not just to learn and understand the organizational system, but should also learn to organize the codes and files so others can understand them as well.

In initial stages you cannot do things by yourself, you are going to need help from someone else. Look around in your network who knows iOS development and ask for his/her assistance. Make things go smooth and easy for them by keeping things organized, labeled and well mannered. You can find many different ways to do these things, find the most common and easy method to keep them organized and keep organizing them.

Do as much testing as you can

When it comes to put your app in Apple’s app store it is not that easy to do so. They have high standards for applications and developers, and they want those apps to meet those standards because the apps they want to sell should be top-notch.

Apple do not accept any application with bugs, compiling errors, and similar kind of issues. Always test your app, and if they have any kind of errors like these then do not teleport your app into Apple’s dimension and keep your hands away from its button till you resolve all errors.

PureLogics also provides the manual and automation testing both which can help your apps to run smoother through testing processes and we also point out these issues ahead of time. By resolving these small errors, you can stop them from becoming major issues.

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