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December 4 2023
benefits of ios app development

8 Compelling Benefits of iOS App Development for Your Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all know that, in today’s digital world, mobile applications play a significant role in the development and flourishment of multiple businesses.  All companies are investing heavily in mobile app development, including iOS app development and Android app development, to strengthen their appearance in the market and capture more user-base. So, if you want to

November 29 2023
product design vs ux design

Unveiling the Difference: Navigating Product Design vs UX Design

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you ever been amazed by any product and said, “Wow! What an awesome idea. I’m also a smart person, but why did I not think like that?”  We all have had such moments of wonder and admiration for creatively designed products. But did you ever think about what, in reality, goes into creating such top-notch

November 22 2023
test plan vs test strategy

Test Plan vs Test Strategy: Key Differences Between Them

Reading Time: 6 minutes Test Plan and Test Strategy are the terms that have significant importance in software testing. Both are important parts of the QA process. But they are often thrown around, misinterpreted, and used interchangeably. Both terms have different scopes, goals, and content. So, we thought to throw light on ‘test plan vs test strategy’ and explain

November 20 2023
typescript vs javascript

TypeScript Vs JavaScript: The Decision-Making Journey

Reading Time: 6 minutes TypeScript and JavaScript are two leading programming languages that have earned immense popularity in web application development. While JavaScript is a globally-used language that works as a catalyst for the web, TypeScript is an advanced version of JavaScript with a key differentiator (static typing) and many other optional features. In this blog post, we’ll discuss

November 17 2023
Mobile app development trends

Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends You Can’t Miss in 2024

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is mobile app development? What is AI mobile app development? What are the new mobile app development trends in the industry? What does the future of mobile app development look like in 2023? How will artificial intelligence benefit mobile app development? These questions are the trending questions on Google and other search engines. If

November 15 2023
python vs php for web

Making a Choice: Python vs PHP for Web Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes Did you notice that a battle of ‘Python vs PHP for web’ is going on in the field of web development? It seems that this battle won’t end soon.  But, in this never-ending battle, your mobile app or website should not be affected at any cost. Deciding between these two programming languages is actually difficult.

November 13 2023
Web Development Trends

An Overview of Latest Web Development Trends in 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes This number speaks for itself. Today, there are more than 1.8 billion websites. According to internetlive stats, new websites are being developed every second. However, there are only approximately 200 million active websites.  There are multiple reasons for this stark contrast. One big reason is the abundance of abandoned or neglected websites. Many websites are

November 8 2023
pwa vs native

PWA vs Native Development: A Detailed Comparison

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mobile phone usage has become a major part of our lives. No matter what our age is, most of us check our phones several times a day. It is a reason that every business today pays special attention to a solid and efficient mobile strategy. As mobile technology advances, the battle of Progressive Web Apps

November 7 2023
Generative AI

What is Generative AI? Its Models, Challenges & Use Cases

Reading Time: 7 minutes Generative AI is an innovative technology that has completely changed our approach towards artificial intelligence. Whether it is audio, content, code, images, videos, simulations, or even music, algorithms of generative AI do everything. There is not even a single industry in the world that isn’t experiencing its revolution. The world we’re living in is the

November 6 2023
Best Security Practices for Secure Software Development

Best Security Practices for Secure Software Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cybersecurity must be at the forefront of all of your development projects because security risks are everywhere in today’s world. Whether it is an individual, any company, or the government, security has become a major concern for everyone. So, it is essential to ensure the best security practices for secure software development. The latest reports